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Sold my bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FluffyDonkey, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. My pride and joy is now someone else's.

    My Beautiful bike is gone, gone, gone.

    The buyer was very gracious and allowed me to take her for one last blast, i then remembered why i didn't want to sell her.

    Why did you i hear some asking...... well i'll be flying to ireland on 2 weeks and be staying there for 6 months, upon returning i hope to obtain a new ride. until then:

    Drink! Drink and salute!!
  2. gonna kiss the blarney stone???

  3. Engrish ?
  4. On the plus side - a bank cheque requires a lot less space in the garage :grin:

    Condolences man... if you need someone to get drunk with; you know where I am.
  5. :cry: :cry:

    The 6r was too young to die... or be sold.. :grin: Least you can get a new one when you get back, with all the go-faster-stripes and bling.
  6. You ARE a masochist, taking it for a last ride :cry: :LOL:.
  7. Donkeydonkeydonkey! We can drink 'til we look like this!

    Straight whiskey, I reckon... maybe some ice-cubes.
  8. Re: Sad Sad day.

    If you really wanted to keep it you would've. No one forced you to sell up.
    Nothing to be crying about.

    In addition, you getting a new ride anyways. :p
  9. Hopefully I will be up Saturday night so you can laugh at the Ghettotastic, it will make you feel better.
  10. + me. :LOL:

    I believe the time has come when talk hath failed us, negotiations are asunder....it be time to get messy.
  12. OK boys friday night i think.
  13. Friday night a group of us are heading to the city for drinks at Minx, so anybody keen on the taste of ale and observing the female form in all it's intricate glory drop me a line.