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[Sold] MV Agusta F3 800EAS

Discussion in 'Archived' started by RRdevil, Feb 3, 2015.

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  1. Looking to sell my MV Agusta F3 800EAS
    Bike is situated in SA
    Original owner
    Factory warranty
    Service due at 6000 but will negotiate with buyer
    Supercorsa SC1 front SC2 rear still both at 85%
    Had oil changed at 1000km and again at 3000km to bring it into a 3000km service cycle
    8 stage traction control
    Adjustable engine braking
    3 map settings sport, normal, rain (4 if you include custom)
    EAS (electronic assist shift) quickshifter. Adjustable cut times
    This is non ABS model
    Everything is factory standard
    New SA rego until 30/04
    Clean title no finance

    Asking $15000 but am negotiable. Price would save you $5000 on new price

    I am having a crisis of conscience as I can't justify it in the garage. Its been sitting unregistered since December when I bought the GSXR. Track is taking up my riding time so I would also consider a trade for a well sorted gsxr600 (or 1000) or yamaha r6 (or r1). Track/prepped race bike with trailer

  2. good luck with the sale
  3. Have to have a go UG. My lap times last track day where close to B graders without even setting the bike up properly time to go racing I reckon
  4. will you do a swap for a 2010 Daytona with 70,000 on it?
  5. Yeah with $9000 dollar coins from you to me as well
  6. thieving prick
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  7. hey that's a keen price though mate
    with the fall in the $ they will soon be going for a lot more
  8. Which price is good? The $15000
  9. Mate you're selling all your bikes!

    You'll be driving a Camry to the track soon :D
  10. So this bike was sold about a month ago.
  11. You can lock the thread and it will slide off into the archives if you like.
  12. Can't find it on mobile
  13. No probs, would you like me to do it ?
  14. If you would mate. Thanks
Thread Status:
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