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[Sold] Moving sale (Jackets and boots)

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by ajiribarren, Mar 8, 2015.

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  1. #1 ajiribarren, Mar 8, 2015
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2015
    Like the title says, I'm moving house soon and have some gear that haven't used in a while (weight gain). I'be held on to it with the excuse of losing weight, but it hasn't happened, so rather see it go to a nice home.

    1) Husqvarna Urban Jacket, great condition, size EU52. D3O armour in shoulders and elbows. Classic design, very supple leather. $120 o.n.o.

    2) Berik Air Mesh Leather Jacket, great condition, size EU54. CE approved armour, waist zipper connection to pants. $200 o.n.o

    3) Forma Adventure Boots. SOLD!

    If interested, send me a PM. Negotiable.
  2. Hi mate, I'm interested in the boots....just trying to work out how to PM you...I've started a conversation but I'm not sure if that's it or not
  3. Boots Sold!
    Jackets still available. Negotiable
  4. Updated prices
    Husqvarna Jacket $100
    Berik Jacket $180
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  6. Hi ajirbarren
    I realise this is a long shot, but, I don't suppose you still have this Berik jacket?? I've just got back onto a bike after 20+ years & have been looking for a jacket suitable for a Qld summer. I Googled "Berik Air Mesh" and your ad about the gear turned up. I'm new to NetRider & have been trying to figure out how to contact you :)
    Hope you see this....
  7. ajiribarrenajiribarren was on the site today so hopefully he'll get back to you
  8. Cheers Lionz
  9. Thanks Lionz for the headsup.

    Andy, PMed you.
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