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[Sold] Modified 2004 GS500F

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by toadcat, Nov 19, 2013.

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  1. #1 toadcat, Nov 19, 2013
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2013

    It breaks my heart to have to sell this but unfortunately I will be losing my license shortly due to Double Demerits and LIDAR technology. A perfect bike to suit a learner looking for a bike with lots of longevity or a for an experienced rider wanting a fully equipped and cheap to run commuter. LAMS doesn't have to mean poor quality, low budget components. This bike was previously set up by Miraz (a member of this forum) who I purchased it from.

    Registration is valid until June 3, 2014.

    - 27,000km old motor (receipts for replacement engine with sale)

    - USD forks from 2007 GSX-R 1000
    - 2009 Yamaha R6 rear shock
    - Suspension dialled in for 85kg rider weight at Trooper Lu's Garage in Moorebank. Easily handles a pillion passenger with quick rear shock adjustments. Front forks do not bottom out as occurs frequently with stock GS500's (which can lead to dangerous instability).

    - 320mm Suzuki Hayabusa brakes and 4 piston K9 Tokico Calipers
    - ABM Brake reservoir and braided steel lines
    - EBC brake pads

    Intake and exhaust mods:
    - K&N 'lunchbox' air filter
    - Musarri slip on exhaust with removable baffle
    - Carbs rejetted and dyno tuned
    - Makes 45hp at the wheel, dyno tuned at Motorcycle Weaponry in Mona Vale. This is 2 hp less than a 2013 CBR500F puts out at the crank for comparison.

    - White GSX-R 750 front wheel with Bridgestone S20 (120/70/R17)
    - White GSX-R 750 rear wheel with Pirelli Angel (150/60/R17)
    - Both tyres are near new. Rear 95%, front 75%. No flat-spots or scalloping. Free Pirelli Rosso II with 70% tread remaining with sale (same size as the S20 currently fitted).

    Veypor Digital Dash Computer System in billet Alu housing.
    Various display modes depending upon your preference. Can time 0-60mph, 1/4 mile, braking runs etc.

    ABM wide bars, grips and quick throttle tube mounted to custom billet aluminium top yoke.

    Dark black tinted touring screen from Eagle Screens Australia

    Near new DID sprockets and chain:
    - Front Sprocket -1 tooth for quicker acceleration. At 110kph the motor runs at 5550 rpm.

    Raarsk rear sets used relocate foot pegs up and back

    SW-Motec rear rack with 46 litre Coolcase box
    - The box is lockable with a remote which activates the loud theft alarm. Also has LED brake lights for extra visibility. This box will fit two full face helmets while closed.

    Bags Connection lockable tank bag with 12V power outlet

    Stebel Nautilus 139dB air horn fitted and wired

    2 sets of keys for the bike and top-box

    Receipts for all servicing come with sale. Service work done at Motorcycle Weaponry in Mona Vale or Lloyd Penn Motorcycles in Artarmon. Recently serviced with oil and filter change.

    If you are interested, please contact me by mobile on 042676 8696. More pictures available upon request. I would prefer to sell it to a NetRider but it is listed elsewhere.

    The price is $4,500 o.n.o.
  2. OMG that is a certifiable steal people !! Anybody even remotely looking for a lams / commuter / cheap tourer needs to snap this up ASAP .
    Ps sorry to hear about your license mate !
  3. I have ridden this bike and been around it since toadcat got it, infact i took that picture i belive. Anyway, honestly this bike is incredible for that price, all the components are 10x better than you can get on any lams bike, even an RVF400, the componentry on this bike is much better than that. The brakes will tear your face off, the shocks are rock solid and so compliant, literally getting on his GS after riding my 25 year old VFR is like night and day.

    Who ever buys this will be a lucky man or women.
  4. Is the bike still available?
  5. Hi guys, this has since been sold. Mods, please close the thread
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