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NSW [Sold] Mens wardrobe M-L-XL-XXL

Discussion in 'Non-Bike Stuff for Sale' at netrider.net.au started by Necros87, Aug 11, 2013.

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  1. #1 Necros87, Aug 11, 2013
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2013
    so over the last 6 months, i have done a considerable amount of weight saving mods to my bike and rider combination, and as such, i dont have many clothes that fit anymore.

    i need some new clothes which i need money for and i need some space in my wardrobe, so here is all the stuff that is too big for me, or i just dont like anymore.

    please also note, i have some kevlars, and womens gear in the more apt gear section: https://netrider.net.au/threads/womens-gear-and-mens-kevlars.161582/

    there is plenty of good stuff in here, only worn a couple of times, most will need an iron as they have been sitting in the wardrobe for a while

    make me an offer if the price doesnt suit, im happy to bundle up as much as you want for a discount

    happy to ship, a 3kg bag cost around $11 to Aus and i can fit a few garments in there
    otherwise, they are located on the Central Coast.

    they will be gradually going on ebay over the next few weeks, so if you are interested in something, speak up.

    to start with:
    Shirts Casual

    casual long sleeve
    Black pinstripe with graffiti style graphics
    Size M
    worn a fair amount of times, mainly out.
    no-minimal signs of wear


    Just Jeans
    Casual short sleeve
    white, sort of textured vertical stripes
    Size XXL
    given as a gift, never fitted, thus never worn
    as new


    Ocean and Earth
    Rash shirt/Rashie
    Size M
    only worn a few times, small hole in left shoulder seam (visible in photo, in the grayish area)
    apart from small hole, looks new


    Ocean and Earth
    casual short sleeve
    faded grayish with stitched and printed graphics
    size M
    this one has been worn, although most of the signs of ware were like that from new


    Casual short sleeve
    Size M
    worn, shows signs of wear, mostly factory induced

  2. Shirts Business/Fancy

    Roger David
    Business long sleeve
    Size M (big size M would almost say L)worn to a couple of job interviews a few years back
    as new


    Roger David
    Business long sleeve
    Size M (as above, big, closer to L)
    worn to an interview or 2 years ago
    as new


    RDX (roger david)
    Business long sleve
    this is quite a nice blue
    Size M (much closer to M than the above)
    worn a couple of times
    as new


    Fancy Long Sleeve
    Size L
    textured pale/light blue
    bought for a wedding a year ago, and worn once
    as new


    Fancy long sleeve
    Size L
    black with blue pinstripe and 3 folds on each side
    worn a few times
    as new

  3. Pants: Shorts

    Jay Jays
    Denim shorts
    Size 34, waist fairly true, legs are big
    faded black
    have been worn, no distinguishable wear from the way they came, maybe a little more faded


    Jay Jays
    Denim Shorts
    Size 34, waist true, big legs
    im not sure if these have ever been worn, if they have, there is no sign of it


    Ooh Mow Mao
    Size 92/36
    these have been worn a little, not a whole heap as i had 2 pair of these. little signs of wear


    Rip Curl
    Board shorts... with pockets and belt loops!
    size 36
    to my major disappointment, these have only been worn a couple of times, and only once outside the house. i was so happy when i found these, why havnt people made bordies with pockets before?
    bought at easter, started loosing weight much the same time... pissed that i didnt get more wear out of these :(


    i still have pants to throw up here, and hope to tomorrow night
  4. Well done on the shrinking you.

    I have been working on mine for about two years. Feels awesome buying clothes because you are getting smaller and not because you are getting bigger.

    I am still too large to help you with any of these. Good luck with the new threads.
  5. thanks.
    except cause my shrinking has been relatively quick, i find myself with no clothes that fit... and not enough money to buy more than 1 or 2 garments per pay cycle... so on the weekend i cracked the shits big time and took everything out of the wardrobe and draws to find out if i had any old clothes left that would actually fit. found some which was good, but im down to a few days worth of clothes from a couple of weeks...

    bittersweet i think would sum it up.

    good luck with your mission, you could always buy some clothes as something to work towards :)
  6. hehehehee, Sorry mate, no longer using size as my goal but acheivements. Next big one is to complete an Ironman.
  7. Pants

    Ambassador Collection
    semi formal dress pants (they are not pajama pants, although that is what i call them)
    Size 38R
    worn a couple of times, great condition


    Bull Head
    Size 36x32
    Worn, little signs of it


    Formal/dress pants
    Size 97
    i cant remember actually wearing these ones... look as new


    Van Heusen
    formal/business pants
    Black/Dark Charcoal with blue and grey pinstripes
    Size 37S (37R on the tag, but they have been taken up)
    these have been worn a number of times, still look as good as they did when i got them, paid $200 about a year ago
    the right pocket has some of the stitching coming undone at the bottom of the pocket, nothing structual, but if you put something small in there, it will end up on the ground.
    easy fix for anyone who has seen a needle and thread before.

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