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[Sold] Megacycle slips ons

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by nongie, Jul 29, 2014.

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  1. hey folks :)

    so i sold my bike a while ago and i still have my exhaust twin slip-ons that came off my zzr-250

    have only seen around 4k kms in total bike sat for long periods without use while i had it

    You all know the quality that Megacycle built its rep around but they where not cheap...

    cost me around $700 when i first got them and im asking $250

    vid of the pipes on my bike

    the hole size into the muffler is 2" and the pipe from the headers into the exhaust is 1"1/4 then into 2"
    so $250 pick up is from Dandenong North in Melb
    i can post BUT they weigh 6.8kg + packing and i will only post registered
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  2. Interested in taking them off your hands :)

    Are they loud/much louder than stock? am I going to get defected?
    do they need the carbs rejetted?
    did you take any flyby vids? :D
  3. they are louder than stock sorry the youtube vid was the best i could do you will not need to rejet unless you add a k&n filter as well ( so ken told me ) but like 95% of aftermarket pipes they are not RWC compliant
  4. bugger, can't edit...

    they slip in just like the stockers and no mods needed?
  5. nah no mods needed its a 15 min swap just use fresh gasket seal as they have been off the bike for a while now.

    feel free to shoot me a txt or call if you would like 0423009638
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.