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[Sold] Madaz exhaust, suit 2002-2007 Honda Hornet 919

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Marx, May 16, 2016.

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  1. [Vic] For Sale: aftermarket exhausts Madaz chrome finish, pair, suit Honda Hornet 900 (2002~2007).

    Price: $150 the lot.

    Condition: Used, some discoloration & scratches, been on bike for 2 years 10,000kms approx.


    Madaz aftermarket exhaust pipes, pair. Stainless steel, chrome finish. Comes with Y- connector & clamps & spacers. Internal diameter (ID) is 48mm throughout, straight through perforated core, no baffles. No change in ECU required. Nice note.

    But will also include in this sale, the following:
    Radiator guard, suit the Honda 919 Hornet.
    Stock handlebars, dead straight, chrome finish but with no end weights.
    2x standard indicators.
    1x oil filter, brand new.

    Honda pipes May2016. Honda pipes2 May2016.

    Reason for sale: Sold the bike, the buyer didn’t want aftermarket pipes or other bits (?!).

    Location: Flemington, Melbourne Victoria. Too bulky/expensive to courier. Can arrange drop off CBD Melb etc on arrangement.

    Contact: PM me here.
  2. Might have a friend interested, I'll let you know.
  3. Thanks Jack. Let me know, I can arrange drop off in inner Melb/CBD if required.
  4. Thanks for the interest, for those who are wondering what they look like on a 919 Hornet below are pix of my bike (before it was sold without the pipes)
    The 'tail tidy' is also included in the parts for sale along with the pipes. It's a backyard built bracket, mild steel that also has provisions for small (aftermarket) indicators & the stock rego plate light. You'll need to cut away the original plastic rear guard to fit it.
    IMG_0116. IMG_0112. HornetTailTidyMay2016a.
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  5. #5 Marx, May 21, 2016
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    Thanks for the interest.
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