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[Sold] Leather Jacket & 2 pc suit (Size S)

Discussion in 'Archived' started by whitenite, Feb 15, 2015.

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  1. Height 165cm tall.

    1) Scorpion Race leather jacket - $80
    Thick leather, perforated in front.
    Unlined (there is inside zip for lining)
    Entire length of inner arm has 5cm elastic section for good fit
    Shoulder point to point is 45cm width
    Length of jacket is 65cm
    Hardly worn, I think no more than 5 times - a bit too tight for me



    PM if interested
  2. 2) 2 pc Starider Suit, textile-leather hybrid
    Shoulder width 50cm (seam to seam)
    Jacket length 60cm
    Trouser width 32-33in/81-84cm
    Trouser length 103cm

    The trousers fit me, but jacket too tight
    I recall paying like $350 for this.




    Welcome to try before buying, I am located Southeast suburbs, VIC.
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  3. The 2 piece still for sale?? What is the waist size of the pants?
  4. Hi Gooza

    2pc suit:
    "Trouser width 32-33in/81-84cm"
    Just measured - I am now 35"/89cm, but it still fits! Mostly cos it's elastic at the top.

    If interested, just PM me with your email add, I can send some pics over.
  5. White Scorpion Race jacket now sold.

    Starider 2pc suit still available.
  6. I'm just under 6"2, yet quite thin and thinking I might be too tall for this. If you don't think I'd be wasting my time (and yours), let me know so we can arrange a meet (I'm also in the south eastern suburbs).
  7. Chris, if you're a slim fit, only issue I can think of for the Starider 2pc suit is at the front ie. it may be too short.

    From lower end of the round neck to the jacket bottom measures 57cm. At the back upper end of round nexk to bottom is 61cm.

    The pants is 102cm, so even if it doesn't quite cover your ankle, it won't matter as that will be hidden beneath the boots.

    Welcome to try, no commitment of course if it doesn't fit. Please PM me for contact. Cheers.
  8. Sorry mate, I cant seem to be able to find where the option to PM is. Being a complete newbie to this site - maybe I don't have that right yet. If you could send me a message it may be easier for me to respond
  9. Chris, just started a private conversation with you, await your reply. Thanks.
  10. That's right Chris, things like PMs open up to you as your post count increases, anti spam measures basically.
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