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[Sold] LAMS GS500

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Gord, Aug 24, 2013.

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  1. G'day! For sale is my much-loved GS500. Bought it 15 months ago at 9050km. from @Jimbo (on this very forum!)

    Since then, we've toured australia, done several interstate weekend trips, participated in the 2012 Black Dog Ride all the way to alice springs! She hasn't missed a single beat. The GS is renowned for 3 decades for being pretty bulletproof, and if you're here looking at this ad, you probably know that. I bought it as my first bike, purely because I am 6'4 and it's basically the biggest LAMs approved motorcycle you can buy. It's very upright, super easy on the body to ride all day. Took me from alice springs back to melbourne in two days! For the last 15 months, it has been my go to vehicle of choice.

    Truthfully, It has been crashed. I bought a new rear tire and on a roundabout I leaned it over too far and it slid out on me. 25-30kph. That was 20,000km ago though. The only damage was a damaged bracket on the exhaust, a scratch on the engine casing, and a very small dent on the fuel tank from my shoe! I'm currently still commuting on the bike daily, 60km.

    It is in need of a major service, hence the cheap as chip price tag (firm). It needs the valve clearances re-shimmed, which should cost no more than $400 unless you do it yourself. It has an aftermarket yoshi exhaust, which provides a little more power and sounds MUCH better than stock (passes roadworthy, too!) I have installed Oxford heated grips, valued at $160. They're absolutely magic, and beef up the diameter of the grips giving more feedback. The front tire has a good 15,000km left in it, and the rear tire is spanking new. New alternator side engine casing gasket. New cluster and dash globes. Reiterating, it needs a major service, hence I'm selling it very cheaply. My restricted licence ends in one week, and my new bike is just chomping at the bit. A perfect cheap first bike.

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  2. ha! good point. Whatever. I don't care, really. It's already paid itself off via parking and citilink charges, not to mention fuel prices.

    The first person with $3k wins. It's on bikesales for 3.5k, but I'd just like the lump sum paid off the Ninja :]

  3. what year is the bike Gord?? ?bloke at work is interested
  4. 2010 model, but I'm expecting it to sell tonight. Will post this evening when I know its fate.
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    have passed info on. good luck with the sale, enjoying the ninjah? just got me a V-Stream screen on mine , looks ok too, will see if I can load up here soon

    here you go

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  6. Mmm screen looks good man. How much and where? Loving the ninja! Got a puncture yesterday 90km from home. Wasn't fun. New tyres Thursday now. Practising spending time on the rear wheel! Loves it :]

    Ohhh a knock knock on the door.
  7. fingers crossed
  8. How many Km's does it have?
  9. if you need tyres @MMMTS is local to you, looks after us netriders too, send Bruce a pm, you wont be disappointed
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  10. 46,000ks Still on market He offered $2200 (wtf)?

    Will contact MMMTS right now. Does he do roadworthy's too???

    Have contacted pete @ E2W but no reply in 3 days :-(...
  11. hmm, if he needs a week to order tires, that's not going to help my friday deadline @ vicroads :-(
  12. Bummer bout the tyres, Bruce is good, are tyres in rwc condition? Get rwc at Ultratune on Keilor rd Essendon. ring them up on 93741808, see when you can get in.
  13. Booked in at ultra tune. Thanks heaps for that tip. Will cancel peter Stevens' fine tooth comb right now.
  14. good move :)
  15. Was just talking to MMMTS just now ...
    He has the tyres you need for the GS in stock and not to far from you as well :)
  16. The tires and roadworthy are for the ninja... The GS has great rubber! Thanks though, mate
  17. mobile number? bloke at works interested
  18. Expecting to sell at 2pm today
  19. Sold and gone. Cheers
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