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[Sold] KTM 990 SMT

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by pwbike, Jun 21, 2016.

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  1. #1 pwbike, Jun 21, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2016
    $13,000.00 - Price drop 26-06-2016
    A great all rounder, commute, tour, scratch, cruise, road or gravel, this one does it all.
    A responsive big V twin with loads of throttle response and torque that continues on to a great top end.
    The bike was purchased new by me in late 2013 and was run in properly and serviced according to schedule.
    It runs beautifully and has looks to match. Bike is all stock apart from a replacement front sprocket (one tooth smaller) to smooth out low speed work (original low km sprocket also supplied). Comes with the factory supplied carry bag and accessories, original manuals, tools, all keys and so on.
    Registration paid in November 2015.
    New front tyre around 1000km ago (due to a recall), Conti Sport Attack front and rear. Rear tyre around 50% wear, front tyre around 10% wear. Genuine KTM tank bag and rear roll bag are supplied.

    I have not been riding the bike enough and a lengthy spell of unemployment has sealed its fate, I need to sell.
    The bike is in near new condition, it has covered approx 6000 km, and is ready for a new rider to enjoy.
    Contact me via Netrider if interested. pwbike Peter Williams
    ktm-990-smt-8124-ps-w. ktm-990-smt-8125-ps-w. ktm-990-smt-8128-ps-w. ktm-990-smt-8133-ps-w. ktm-990-smt-8136-ps-w.
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  2. #2 pwbike, Jun 21, 2016
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    Ahhh, silly me, I somehow left that out.

    26-06-2016 Price drop to $13,000.00
  3. Sold as of 20-08-2016
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  4. Whoever bought it got a great and awesome and nice and and and...damn it wasn't me lol
  5. Nice work mate. You will miss it no doubt.

    I have always wanted one and even test rode one a few years ago. Just couldn't come to a deal at the time so walked.
    Now that its gone, how about an honest opinion on the bike? Id be interested to hear from a former owner. If its not the perfect bike it might stop me lusting after one! LOL
  6. Cheers :) Maybe there's still one in your future.

    I doubt there is a perfect bike, but it was awesome and I will miss it.
    Able to hang with big sports bikes in the tight twisty roads and sweepers, able to filter like a skinny thing, able to manoeuvre tightly at low speed, able to eat miles at high speed, all day comfort for trips and adventures, quite ridable on bush tracks and gravel roads, ready to pop a wheelie whenever you were, sharp and aggressive throttle response, grunty torque leading to enough top end for an unfaired bike.
    But that sharp and aggressive throttle response made roundabouts and riding in heavy traffic a bit more exciting than it needed to be. I'd changed from a Suzuki inline four with turbine like smoothness and power build up, to a bucking V-Twin power pack.
    No regrets about owning it, my only regret is not riding it more.
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  7. #7 ferkel, Aug 20, 2016
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    pwbike: Without replacing the cans with straight-thrus and loading on the Akrapovic map, you would've have known this bike's true awesomeness. The bike runs like a piece of **** with OEM cans and map in my opinion. I strongly disagree with you that it is a good allrounder. It's not a commuting bike and unless you are pinning it, it's not a tourer either (despite the last letter in the model acronym). This bike requires it to be ridden like a dirt bike. The OEM fuel map is really rough about 4500RPM. There is a hole in this range so that the bike passes the fuel emission standards and at this rev range, the bike's EFI is running in closed loop (O2 sensors making the EFI mix fuel at the Stoichiometric ratio) mode causing the bikes revs to dither and jerk. This is extremely annoying and can possibly damage the chain in the long term (infact it was so annoying, I avoided the city when I had the OEM cans on for a few weeks after buying this bike). Straight thru pipes and a remap fixes this problem to a certain extent. 2nd: If you ride this bike with constant low revs (ie: less then 3-4k at 60km/h.. depending on season) the oil flow won't be high pressure enough and jets will start blocking up (even with the recommended oil). A symptom of this is shitty gear changes and false neutrals. This problem isn't so bad when it's cold, but is a problem in summer. Most riders bore the clutch jet out from 0.3mm, to 0.4-0.5mm and this fixes the gear change problem.. but still, the engine isn't designed to be ridden like this. If people want a commuter, then get a Honda 600 Hornet.

    For me, this is a sports bike for the hills. I wouldn't get a bike bigger than 1000cc with an upright riding position, and quite frankly, unless you are over 110kg, who needs more than 110 ponies on bumpy, council maintained, wet, icey, gravelly hills roads ?. I think KTM have lost the plot with the +1000CC engine releases. It's as though they went after the big litre GP replicator bikes in 2008 and lost. The RC1190 isn't on KTM's product range anymore, WTF ?????

    The paint job on the 13 model is awesome. I should have waited a year.

    Anyway... just my rambling thoughts :)
  8. Thanks ferkel for the damning assessment of the bike and my judgement of it.

    I'm well aware of the fact that improvements can be made with aftermarket mufflers and retuning. I've been a member of the ktmsmt forums since before I bought it.
    I don't think I said it was a tourer, merely that you could tour on it, as members here have demonstrated over the years, it's possible to tour on just about anything.
    The 990 SMT is not a tourer by definition (KTM say the T stands for Travel), but it's a damn sight more suited than many other types of bikes are.
    I'm also aware of that surging that you've mentioned where the bike is running lean at steady throttle openings. For me that was reduced to a minor and occasional nuisance by dropping a tooth on the front sprocket, that kept the bike out of that rev band for most of my riding.
    I haven't been riding the bike with constant low revs, it has a 6 speed gearbox and I've used that to choose an appropriate ratio for the conditions to allow the motor to work in a happy and flexible rev range.

    The 990 SMT is at its finest in undulating and twisting terrain as you note, it's a weapon in those circumstances. The suspension and motor are just perfect on our less than perfect roads and the surging torque as you roll on the throttle out of corners makes you laugh and grin.

    You and many others (including myself) think KTM were mad to stop the production of the 990 SMT, or not to bring out a direct replacement with the 1090, 1190 or 1290 motor. The smallest and lightest of the adventure series are heavier, fatter, larger and not so focussed on road riding. They stopped producing a superbike as the boss made a statement that they had gotten to dangerous levels of power and speed and that they didn't belong on the road. That's why the RC8 series stopped. You have to wonder if they will be tempted to start again now that they're in GP racing, wouldn't they want to capitalise on the prestige and aura of the GP bike with a road going replica?

    The orange frame and black with orange graphics paint job of the 2013 990 SMT is the pick of them for me, a brilliant and different looking thing.

    Anyway, it's not just me that reckons the 990 SMT is a great all-rounder, Kevin Ash was a pretty well respected motorcycle tester and journalist.
    KTM 990 SM T | Ash On Bikes

    That excellent British magazine Bike, also praised it as the best all-rounder on the market up until it ceased production.

    Edit: And here's a favourable Aussie assessment which also mentions the all-rounder aspect
    KTM 990 SMT | MCNews.com.au

    There you go, I've rambled back :)
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  9. I'm sorry I asked! LOL
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