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[Sold] Kriega US20 Tail Pack

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Gooza, Sep 18, 2016.

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  1. As I have just purchased a new bike with a top box and panniers, I no longer need my Kriega US20 Tail Pack.

    Retail at $155, Looking for $100 (pickup NW Suburbs of Melbourne or maybe can arrange a time near Jolimont Station (during Office hours)
    2016-09-18 18.39.35. 2016-09-18 18.39.45.
    Under 18 months old and only used twice. In as new condition.

    The Kreiga TailPack is easy to fit, comes with the 4 straps and the shoulder strap,

    They are waterproof, and flexible.

    From their website:

    20-litre capacity, 100% waterproof tailpack which can be fitted directly to the seat-pad using the innovative new Kriega Hook straps - an improved mounting system that anchors the bag to the sub frame without the need for racks or any additional mounting hardware. The US-20 also comes equipped with removable shoulder and waist straps allowing it to be carried courier style as a satchel, on or off the bike.


    The US-20 tailpack is designed to fit most race-rep style pillion pads or regular single seats (attachment straps included). The pack is easily attached/removed by 4 x quick-release buckles. No extra bungees or rain covers are needed.

    To fit using the supplied hook straps remove bike seat and locate the best mounting areas on the rear subframe. It may be necessary to slot the internal plastic tray if no subframe metalwork is exposed. Attach the 4x 20mm web loops securely to high strength areas of the frame. The 20mm loops are adjustable in length. Refit the seat with the web loops poking out from underneath and complete any necessary final adjustments of the straps. Ensure the web is threaded back through the adjuster to lock-off the webbing (i.e. threaded through the plastic buckle three times). To fit the US-pack, hook the alloy hooks through the now installed web loops, place the pack on the seat and connect the top quick-release buckles and tension them and the bag on to the bike. Always use the 2 x strap keepers on the web to manage the loose ends. Please also ensure that the quick-release buckles are correctly 'clicked' home. With the Hook strap mounting system, the optional connector straps are not required.
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  2. how would this work on bike with undertail exhaust? still fit without burning?
    if so, I'll take it!!!
  3. You normally attach the straps to the frame of the bike (under the seat), and not wrap them around.

    I cant really say yay or nay, as only you will know. But my 'guess' is they would be fine.
  4. drzexadrzexa Do it. These bags are awesome. I have that set up and no issues burning anything, and my pipes are hot as hell......
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  5. hahahaha Chillibutton, that pic is rad....LOL

    I'm so tired of wearing a backpack.... I've been researching fitment on a cbr600.. and have two trips coming up...I'll take it please :) can pick up one night next week if that's ok? I'm crazy busy trying to get bike and trailers coordinated for upcoming trackdays :)
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  6. Looks like its sold.
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