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[Sold] Kawasaki ZXR250A

Discussion in 'Archived' started by doggyguinness, Oct 1, 2013.

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  1. #1 doggyguinness, Oct 1, 2013
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    I'm selling as a complete package all my ZXR250 spares. I have had lots of enquiries previously, so here's your chance to snap them up now.

    $400 negotiable

    Included in the sale are:
    • 1990 rolling frame (complianced) with engine (partially disassembled). The condition of the engine is unknown to me as this is how I purchased it. Carbs are off it, 3 are complete while the 4th has been taken apart.
    • petrol tank (has a dint on one side).
    • left and right side fairings (cracked)
    • left and right seat cowl.
    • standard exhaust.
    • pillion seat pad.
    • airbox and most of the remaining engine parts. I do not know what is missing, most of the parts are stored in clear glass jars.
    • front and rear lights, instrument cluster etc.

    The bike would be 80% complete and I kept it for spares for my road bike. This is now up for sale (see separate ad). I was hoping to sell it all as one package however all the interest seems to be in the spares.

    I'm negotiable on the price and will consider separating into large bundles. Not keen on selling off small parts (like one carb) so if this is what you ask for expect a premium price.

    Located Unanderra (10 mins south Wollongong). Contact Matt on 0413 112 682.


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