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[Sold] Kawasaki 2009 Z750

Discussion in 'Archived' started by SnOOkered, May 30, 2011.

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  1. Hey all,

    Been holding back on putting my baby in this forum for a long time but I just have to let her go! I've been relocated rurally and have no time to use my bike anymore and I just hate seeing it sitting in the garage, it needs to be ridden. SO to my saddness it must go. This has been an excellent upgrade for me since riding the 250 and its a fair bit of fun! Pretty ballsy had a dyno on it apparently sitting at 95hp, with no engine mods or tuning. It really is a great all-round naked bike, and I have done slight modifications to get it almost perfect for myself and hence hopefully a perfect bike for someone else :)

    I've had this bike since brand new, purchased in september 2009 and has been lovingly looked after and has been serviced on time, everytime.. It has some veryyyyy minor scuff marks on the crank case from a standing lay down when my brother jumped on the bike... otherwise its in mint condition.

    Mods complete:

    o ZX1400 Fully Adjustable Rear Shock installed - AWESOME UPGRADE
    o Titanium Arrow Slip
    o Radiator Guard
    o Renthal Ultralow Handlebars
    o Puig Wind Deflector (more photos to come)
    o Puig Rear Hugger
    o 1 pair of Aftermarket Leavers (in black/titanium)
    with 1 pair of Aftermarket Standard leavers (in black)
    and 2 pairs of Shorty leavers (one titanium in colour the other in black)
    o Fender Eliminator

    Mileage: 7250km's

    All original parts can come with the bike also. i.e. exhaust, rear shock and handlebar.

    Still has original tires rears still have about 1500km left and fronts maybe 3-5000kms?

    Asking (with everything mentioned) - $9300 OBO
    Rego is remaining is until October 2011.

    It is on another sale site, but it would be great to leave it in the netrider community!

    All questions and offers welcomed, bike is in the Elsternwick area of Melbourne.

  2. She's a sweet looking ride snook, hope she finds a happy home.
  3. Thanks Chef,

    I hope so too! Come on everyone I won't bite if you know anyone interested in the Z please let them know... killing me to see it sitting in the garage back home :(

    Again ALLLL offers welcome!
  4. Nice throaty sound and great looking bike at a very reasonable price !
    Good luck with the sale mate.
  5. Now asking $9,300

    Offers welcome! AND viewing is easily arranged.

  6. SnOOkered,
    I am amazed that your bike is still for sale !!!!

    Folks, make no mistake - I've seen this bike in person...and it is in immaculate condition !
    Very low k's, more than enough usable power & comfy for everyday rides etc.
    If I didn't already have 2 bikes, I'd be snapping this up for my daily rides/long distance hops.

    Someone...quick ! Grab a bargain before Summer arrives - we all know what happens to bike prices around that time.

    Best of luck, SnOOkered...she's a beauty !
  7. I will pass your details onto a mate who is int he market for a new bike :)
  8. Don't you usually start @ $0.99 and have a reserved price? :)
  9. 'Tis not the season unfortunately! :(
  10. Annnnnnnnnd still going!! Surely there's someone who likes the Z750??


    $9300 with Rego till Oct 2012
  11. and forgot to mention RWC
  12. Beautiful looking bike Snooks... unfortunately I'm on restrictions til March 2012!
  13. Thanks mate... Hopefully someone picks it up soon. Feel so bad having it just sit in the garage..still on 7350km's, after almost 5 months being on here... works out to 30km's of riding a month :p !
  14. SnOOkered,

    Mate, I can't believe your gleaming example is STILL for sale ?! FMD !
    Though I suspect you may have some sudden interest, what...with summer fast approaching.. and that unbelievable price !
    Good luck buddy, though...I'm seriously starting to think you won't need it (y)
  15. I wouldn't drop your price anymore buddy! Just give it time, it's not accumulating any Km's sitting where it is! ;) Don't give it away.
  16. Spot on, Grumpy !
  17. Hmmm! Don't know about that guys, he might never sell it!

    best of luck with the sale, If I were you I'd drop it to just under 9, maybe 8900. When I dropped the price of the R1 a few hundred to just under 11K i got 5 calls within a few days.

    All advice is there to help though who knows!

  18. Yeah I dont know... all I can say is, is that if anyone is interested don't be scared to contact me.. price is negotiable!
  19. Keen to let her go.. All reasonable offers welcome people. I honestly haven't ridden the bike for more than 20kms for 10months.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.