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[Sold] Joe Rocket Speedmaster Jacket and Pants

Discussion in 'Archived' started by ajiribarren, Sep 19, 2012.

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  1. SOLD!

  2. OK what are those in "real sizes" - is the 36 waist actually 36 inches?
    Totally interested and local but I think you grabbed something a little too big for me!
  3. I'll buy them both if you can ship to Brisbane!
  4. I can ship to Brisbane no prob, at your expense. The set weighs between 6-7 kgs.
  5. Sure, no prob. You interested in the whole set? or just the pants?
  6. Definitely the whole set, if the sizes are roughly the same?
    Just to confirm, there's a full-circumference zip to connect them too?
  7. Yes, I was checking online and the jacket is 42 chest and roughly 34 waist. You can try both if u like, no prob.

    Both jacket and pants connect with a full circumference zip.

    I'll PM my details
  8. Hi mate

    If that is the actual sizing. It will not fit for me. Enjoy nitekreeper

    I'm 42 chest but 36 (jeans) waist. Would not fit right?
  9. good buy NK, hope it fits.

    NK if its too big then fatten the hell up...its too good a deal to pass up lol :)
  10. SOLD to NiteKreeper!

    Nice meeting you mate, I'm sure you will enjoy them
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.