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[Sold] Jackets, tank bag & Ventura luggage

Discussion in 'Archived' started by cameronp, Jul 14, 2014.

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  1. #1 cameronp, Jul 14, 2014
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2014
    I've just moved house and decided to clean out some bike-related stuff that's no longer of use to me:

    "Scott" brand winter jacket, size medium. $50.
    Very warm, reasonably waterproof, only been used for one winter.

    Bikers Gear Australia summer mesh jacket, size medium. $50.
    Includes removable 'waterproof' liner and foam back protector thingy. Good for hot days.

    Ventura "Euro Rally" bag SOLD

    Magnetic tank bag, $30.
    Approximately the size of an A4 piece of paper by 10cm tall. Some minor scuffing from a low-speed crash, but used for ages after that - still attaches securely to the bike. Not waterproof. Includes a shoulder bag strap thingy which I've never used. Selling because it doesn't fit my current bike.

    Pick-up from Carlton or Brunswick.

  2. Do you still have the Ventura bag? I'm definitely sticking my hand up for that! PM about to be sent! :)
  3. what brand is the tank bag?
  4. if danny misses the boat pm me and I will take the bag
  5. @afour@afour it's Ventura brand.
  6. The rack bag is now gone, tank bag still available.
  7. Sorry @Jeffco@Jeffco. I've been sick of my R-gays bag for quite a while. I missed an opportunity to get a second hand Ventura Euro a few weeks ago, so I was all over this opportunity like a fat kid on a smarty! Better luck next time. ;)

    Thanks @cameronp@cameronp, and nice to meet you! One very happy customer! :)
  8. Call me an in for the jackets. What chest measurement are you/they?
  9. Well done danny :arghh: at that price I was going to keep it as a spare3 to my current ventura bag :]
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  10. I've just downgraded the R-gays bag to being an extra for when I go touring. :)
  11. Sorry, didn't see this earlier. I take a 40" suit jacket. The BGA summer jacket is a good fit, the winter jacket is slightly tighter than I'd prefer once I'm layered up with a thick jumper underneath.
  12. I don't wear suits, but given I'm about 98 on the chest that should be fine. Do you prefer clothes tighter or looser, ie. would you typically wear tightish jeans?
  13. Generally tighter, I guess.
  14. Hey cameronp! Mind uploading photos of both jackets please? :))
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