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[Sold] Iasus Xsound 3 Helmet Speakers

Discussion in 'Archived' started by icemaker, Jan 22, 2016.

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  1. Up for sale is a set of Iasus Xsound 3 helmet speakers.
    Bought these last winter to upgrade the speakers in my Sena 10R system but apparently the amp in this model Sena is not powerful enough to power them properly, which is disappointing considering the reviews they get. Plugged into my phone or Ipod they sound fantastic. Needless to say they have been barely used as in 'as new' condition.

    Theres a review of them here - webBikeWorld - Iasus XSound 3 Speakers Review
    This is there website for info - IASUS Concepts - XSound 3 (XS3) Helmet Speakers

    I paid $180 delivered from the states, Im asking for $90.
    Cheers for looking.
    DSC_0934[1].JPG DSC_0935[1].JPG DSC_0940[1].JPG DSC_0937[1].JPG

  2. Hey,

    Would love to buy these for 90 dollars, how would you like to get in touch?
  3. Hey mBoudsmBouds I'll pm you this arvo after work
  4. Perfect
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