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[Sold] Honda XR400

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by jackbyo, Aug 15, 2016.

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  1. #1 jackbyo, Aug 15, 2016
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    Very well maintained Honda xr400.
    The bike currently has knobbies on, but included in the sale is a set of dual sport tires
    Both sets of tires have plenty of tread left
    Knobbies: Kenda Carlsbad front, Dunlop Geomax mx51 rear
    Dual-sport: Shinko 700 (Described as for 60% road, 40% offroad use)

    There's a few nice mods, but nothing internal, so still has the same Honda XR reliability
    • Mikuni Pumper Carburettor from xrsonly - This carb made a big difference to the bike. Kick starts very easily even when cold now, and power delivery is greatly improved. Most XR owners end up doing this mod eventually, at a cost of about $550
    • Gordon's mods (includes Unifilter air filter and pre 1998 exhaust)
    • Protaper bars (Henry/Reed bend) with 2" adjustable Rox Risers
    • Rear rack by Nomadic Racks with Rotopax fuel mount (rotopax adaptor unopened)
    • Barkbusters
    • B&B bashplate
    • Ballards rear brake disc guard
    • Moose racing front whees
    • Foldaway enduro mirrors
    Within the last few hundred kilometers the bike has had the following servicing done=
    • Oil and oil filter (done regularly at 500kms. OEM Honda filters used)
    • Replaced spark plug
    • Flushed brake fluid (Unopened set of EBC brake pads front and rear included in sale)
    • Replaced chain and sprockets (to stock 15/45 ratio)
    • Replaced throttle and clutch cables
    • New hand grips - Progrip 714
    The bike is really in great condition and hasn't been at all ridden to it's limits, as I lack the skills.

    Has given me no problems at all except a small crack appearing in the side stand mount. This is apparently a common issue, and has been welded up just in case. It's a little ugly, but it will never crack again


    Rego until February 2017

    Click pictures to see full size


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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.