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[Sold] Honda VT1100 ACE with custom paint

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Vertical C, Dec 9, 2013.

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    IMAG0244. IMAG0248.

    Honda Shadow 1100 Ace

    This is a 1996 model 1995 build of the Shadow. This is one of the single pin crank models that Honda built in the 90's. This is the same as the Harley and also has hydraulic lifters on the valves. This is the bike that resulted in Harley suing Honda for copying their sound and claiming that the potato potato is copyright. Honda won.

    This bike has a custom paint job, painted by a Melbourne artist and is signed by the artist. It is dated 1997. The work is very good, although the subject matter is a little risky (her right breast is exposed and the snake wraps around her. The snake continues all the way down the bike throught the side panels and its tail is on the rear mudguard. The bike draws a lot of attention when it is parked for obvious reasons and is probably the most looked at bike that I have ever owned (apart from maybe the RGV as that smoked like a chimney and so was hard to miss), and gets a lot more attention than my R1, ZX6, SXV550, Buell that I have owned. I bought it as my first cruiser to see if I liked cruisers because I thought it was hillarious, which it is.

    It has 82000kms on it, July 2014 rego, rear has 15000kms left on it, front probably only 2-3000kms left. It was built in the USA. Its oil has just been changed.

    It has a big arse windshield to hide behind (I look through it at and I am 6'1". It has a stereo with MP3 player input and remote on handlebar which is hearable to 110kmh. It has floorboards and custom seat and sissy bar and rack.

    It handles pretty well for a cruiser and doesn't touch down too early. It is not very slammed (low), so it has good clearance (as slamming is a newer fad and this is too old).

    Negatives are that it has a dent in the tank which I am not willing to risk trying to fix because of the art (it is behind the snake in the pic of the snake). Some of the chrome is not perfect including under the saddlebags on the pipe (note that the sadlebags have been changed from the ones in the pics). The suspension could be better especially the rear, you can buy new springs for $450 from the states but they are shorter and they will lower the bike which the new owner might prefer. It does not have service books completed but is not blowing blue smoke. The aftermarket driving lights do not work, I was going to pull them off but the indicators are on the bar so it is too difficult. I don't ride it at night so I never looked at them to see what the issue is (as they are aftermarket it will still pass pink slip).

    I am keen to sell this because I am leaving the country. I am going to ask $4000 for it. This is the cheapest VT1100 in the country that I can find.

    Pickup is in Crows Nest, Sydney
  2. Sold for asking
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