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[Sold] Honda RVF400 LAMS approved

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Stazza_Brendan, Nov 23, 2013.

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  1. Its time to move my RVF400 on. Brought it as a project that needed some TLC and have some fun on. But now ill be off restrictions come January so need to sell this to help pay for new bike.

    Bike has 36,000 km, Currently registered till 24th of January in QLD. Will supply a RWC if sold in QLD.
    New Pirelli Rosso 2 tyres
    New aftermarket radiators
    New brake pads front and rear
    New braided brake lines
    New fork seals
    New 14tooth front sprocket (-1 from stock)
    New grips
    New LED indicators with resistors to make flash at correct speed
    New LED numberplate light
    LED bulbs in instrument cluster
    Fork adjusters
    Aftermarket half system heat wrapped, allows for 45mm mufflers to be fitted.
    Dan Moto exhaust can (loud)
    HRC carb springs and 112 size Jets in Carbys
    Tyga Fairings
    Speed restriction removed
    Dark tint screen
    Single sided swingarm stand included
    Haynes Workshop manual

    Bike is set up for street riding, the -1 and +2 sprocket setup makes it excellent around town and back roads. Add some levers and rearsets and the bike is finished.
    Comes with spares, original size front sprocket, original exhaust, spare mufflers, original radiators, original carby parts, swingarm adjusting tool (adjust chain).









    The 2 small problems. Cracked around left hand side mirror on fairing (reinforced on rear)

    Few scratches on right hand side engine cover, have been filled a little, Scratches weren't deep.

    Everything on the bike works, Horn, indicators, gauges, lights. Starts easily as shown on these videos
    Cold Start

    Start after warmup and short ride. Also shows how it sounds (filmed from my tablet so not greatest quality)

    Sound with old muffler (included with bike)

    Located in Mackay QLD, $5500. no swaps/trades. PM for details
  2. Still available.
  3. I was watching those videos the other day on youtube. GLWS mate
  4. mate pm'd ya with a few questions.

  5. Bike has been sold.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.