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[Sold] Honda Hornet CB900

Discussion in 'Archived' started by scsaxott, Jun 5, 2013.

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  1. Hi all,

    Honda Hornet 900 for sale.2002 model with delkevic exhausts (have the originals too), large givi topbox and a centrestand. Everything you need to commute/tourer/fun weekend bike. This bike does it all and has never let me down and don't imagine it will skip a beat for the next owner. Just been fully serviced at Westside Motorcycles, rego till december. Make a reasonable offer or pm me to get in touch.

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  2. I believe the rules are that you have to specify a price? ie. No "make me an offer" posts.
  3. My mistake, didn't realise. $4500
  4. Hi, how many k's? Thanks :)
  5. Looks like it'd have about 49,000 clicks I reckon
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  6. Hi,

    Just turned 50000. cheers
  7. Thanks @Ned :) either you've got great eyesight or its a pretty cool guess or you're psychic ?? Lol, how good are you at guessing the jellybeans in the jar?! Lol
  8. Still for sale super low price for this bike - $4000
Thread Status:
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