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[Sold] Honda Hornet 900

Discussion in 'Archived' started by scsaxott, Oct 16, 2013.

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  1. This bike will make a great tourer, commuter or daily rider. Just went past 55000 kms (low ks for this motor) and was serviced 5000kms ago.

    Sounds great with Delkevic carbon fibre exhausts with easily removable noise restrictors. Legal with baffles in.

    Original factory mufflers also included in sale.
    2 sets of original keys.
    Oggy knobs.
    Large givi topbox and rack included

    There are a few marks and scratches here and there but overall very good condition. Runs perfectly. No oil leaks or smoke at all.

    bargain price: $3750 ONO

    Never been raced. Rego valid till late December 2013. Must sell this week. Going overseas. No Rwc

    gc4726243522718571771. gc4815056266570838599. gc4726243522718571771. gc4815056266570838599. gc4924735314212080655. gc5269281794402021567. gc5304830010262732898. [/SIZE]
  2. What year is it pls?
  3. 2002 model. Nice package with some tasty extras, could you see Guardian Angel on this Greydog?? Someone please buy this bike before you miss out on a great deal:D
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  4. Was asking for GA bc she's not a premium member and can't access this thread.
  5. Cool. I'll mention it to her (y)
  6. Would be really intersted if I was in Melbourne. Good luck with the sale
  7. for the price fly down ride the bugger home
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  8. Spewing I don't have the coin, it's a bargain!

    Used to own a 2006 Hornet, bloody fantastic bikes.
  9. Fark this is tempting. Wonder how it would fit for a tall/bigger bloke?
  10. UNDER 4 GRAND....
    Faaaaark. What a beaut bike.

    I'm about 6 foot even and I weighed over 110kg when I had one. Comfy as buggery. In fact, probably comfier than buggery, that doesn't look all that comfy at all. Anyway the H9 fit me like a glove.
  11. Thanks Loz, good feedback! Now to do some research...
  12. Looks good. I'm interested, if someone hasn't jumped on it by now :p
  13. I'll swing you $3000 if you figure out a roadworthy if you can't sell her.

    0413 464 309 if worse comes to worst.
  14. Scab
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  15. Not really, spare cash. I'm giving him an option, not forcing him into accepting it.

    I'd rather make an $800.00 loss and have $3000.00 spending money for my overseas trip then have bike rusting away in another country and no money gained from it at all.

    Cheers for the input though, haters gonna hate.
  16. I had the 05 version, I am 6' tall bout 93 kgs today, great bike, thinking now, maybe i didnt 'have to' sell mine, it did very well in the twisties and commuting, comfy farker. well worth the asking price I reckon. Thing is, is the seller still in australia, he only lives one suburb away from me
  17. I looked at this bike a few months ago before I got my VFR. We actually agreed on a price and I gave him a deposit but after finding out that the work required for a roadworthy would cost more than he thought he upped the price on me. Neither of us would compromise so I got my deposit back and anded up looking at VFRs.
    The bike itself felt like it rode fine but I'd only ridden the Spada at that point so I didn't have much to compare it to.
    I don't think it's for sale any more, I can't find his ad on bikesales. I could be wrong though and he's simply trying to sell it here instead.
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