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[Sold] Honda Hornet 900

Discussion in 'Archived' started by scsaxott, Jun 23, 2013.

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  1. Still selling the Hornet 900. 51000 on the clock now as I'm riding it till it's gone. Bike running great and just been serviced by Westside Motorcycles. Rego till December. This is a bargain. $3900
    Message me if interested...


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  2. Price dropped. Looking for quick sale now.
  3. Hey mate does the price include a RWC?
  4. Buyer to organise rwc at this price. Don't think it will need much if anything but you never know these days. Inspection welcome

    4400 with rwc and rego till december
  5. $500 to get it roadworthied? What needs/needed to be done? Given that these bikes have a great reputation, I'm surprised you haven't sold it yet, seems like a reasonable deal.
  6. 500 isnt too bad, I had to get a new rear tyre and chain and sprockets to sell my 08 600 hornet, all pretty basic things, but that cost me 800 for the rwc
  7. Apparently tyres, chain and sprockets are all good and it has recently been serviced?
  8. sold mine recently, needed front disc, buyer replaced both, cost $169 a piece brand spankers, so if a buyer iw wondering, better to buy new from Metalgear, and yes these bikes are a great all rounder..
  9. Hey everyone,

    Been away from computer a few days. I really don't think it will need anything for rwc but you never know. I guess it depends where you take it these days. I am also suprised how difficult it is to sell this bike. Just no interest. Bike is running perfectly. If it doesn't sell I will just keep it I guess.

    $4300 RWC supplied December rego. Bargain
  10. Bump - 4250 with rwc and rego
  11. hi,
    long shot here- I have a 2004 silver Daytona 600 with about 85000km's, are you keen for some sort of swap with cash your way? I bought it with Reg until Sep but am missing the naked feel.

    I have all the service receipts and both the triumph sports exhaust and stock exhaust. Fairings are immac as - I can provide pictures of the bike and all.

    Let me know.

  12. Took the bike in for roadworthy. Only thing failed on was head stem bearings and quoted $270 to fit new bearings. Still willing to let the bike go for $3900 without rwc. Add $400 to cover bearings and rwc.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.