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[Sold] Honda CBR1000RR

Discussion in 'Archived' started by madalpinestar, Feb 11, 2013.

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  1. Price is $16000

    Genuine reason for selling. I get to ride it 10 minutes a day to work as I am too busy with the family these days to go for rides. It has a limited edition Akrapovic exhaust which sounds great, fender eliminator and tinted double bubble screen. My insurance only covers me so no test rides unless you have a deposit upfront. Inspections are welcome to see the bike at any time. I don't have much to say about it sorry as it's almost brand new and I haven't spent that much time on it

    any questions just pm me. I am sure I have forgotten things.

    DSC_0419.JPG DSC_0420.JPG DSC_0421.JPG DSC_0422.JPG

  2. oh fcuk- dont tempt me - lol.

    good luck with the sale, will probably sell quick but needs more info. how many kays? does it have trick bits like abs?

    if i were you i would keep it, dont worry about the better half ;) if youre interested, i think it was anto who put up a really nice ad up here recently, go check it out...
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  3. Its just clicked over 1600ks.

    No abs, just the pipe and tail tidy

    How did I forget the k's!
  4. Why not test ride the same bike at the dealer then buy it privately :whistle: Unless its euro exotica it should be pretty easy.

    It's the owners choice and largely an Australian thing from what I can tell to allow people to test ride your bike. Lots test ride stories routinely going south overseas with theft, gangs, beatings, deception.
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  5. I think i see the problem here. Do what i do, just tell her it's the only thing in the wardrobe that her arse doesn't look big on ;)
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  6. very nice bike.. good luck with the sale.. fark only 1600km.. gezz.. i'll try to keep my mouth shut.
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  7. madalpinestar,
    Great bike and pics.
    Wishing you the very best with your (immaculate) bike sale.
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  8. Very nice looking machine......

    Good luck with the sale - do we now know the ticket/asking price.................????
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  9. Thanks everyone for the response. I'm hoping that it goes to a good home once sold!
  10. I'm guessing your asking what price I'm selling the bike for? I'm advertising $16000 but I'd take a bit less if it had to be
  11. I now see this in the OP........handsome price for a handsome bike.....

    Great machine....as new to the next owner.....again, GL with sale - keep us posted with the new bike.

    Cheers mate :D
  12. Price drop to $15500
  13. Price drop to $15000
  14. Thats a good price as have just been informed that honda dealers are doing runouts for $15,995 with 12 months rego and a hrc jacket. Way to shoot the market in the foot hey. Im pulling mine from sale as i rode today and fell in love again
  15. I think its fair but not getting much attention, maybe ill take go for a ride tomorrow and give it some love. It might change my mind
  16. price drop to $14800 sad to sell it so cheap
  17. Mate,
    I am gobsmacked that you haven't sold your immaculate gorgeous CBR1000RR !!!!
    Trying to sell my brother's R1 also...and no bites ...interesting times..
    SURELY, someone out there is buying or looking to buy a Thou ?!?!

    IF you are, it doesn't get better than madalpinestar's immaculate example... and for that price ??? It's a true bargain !!!

    Wish I had spare $14.8k lying around buddy. Good luck.
  18. Shirley will :D

    It's a wonder this is still going and hasn't been gone......
  19. Will she, BitStar ?
    If she does, send her my way ;)
  20. Ah.......you have one for sale too - now I see :D
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