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[Sold] GSR400 LAMS

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Steve250f, Jan 21, 2013.

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  1. #1 Steve250f, Jan 21, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2013
    IMG_1002 (800x598). IMG_1003 (1024x765). IMG_1005 (1024x765). Selling my gsr400 lams approved, this bike runs like a dream, has 9100km on the clock
    Never had and drama with the bike, plenty of power and handles great for what it is.
    Quicker than the restricted 600's and much more fun, great looking bike, very clean and services up to date.

    Bike is located in brisbane QLD, can arrange interstate transport.


    feel free to sms or call with any more questions, 0402377470
  2. No offers or interest...? Great learner bike

    5500 need this gone, pm me or SMS. Really is a great lams bike, and looks awesome
  3. oh wow first time hearing about this bike...it looks like a mini B-King, good luck!
  4. Nice bike mate, if it's still around in two weeks, I may be keen on it.

  5. Yer mate they are a nice looking bike, hard to get hold of, not many getting around, thanks hoping it goes to a good home.

    Thanks. Alright mate sounds good, let me know when/if your interested.
  6. Howdy, sorry I couldn't help myself, I went out and bought a 2013 Ninja 300, pick it up tomorrow. Wish you all the best in selling yours, it is a nice looking bike :)
  7. Quite a rare bike here people......

    Great for what they are - looks to be a clean and straight example......good luck with the sale OP....
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  8. it's a Japanese version of discontinued GSR600

    Thanks very much, not having much luck but it seems everyone is struggling to sell bikes a bit at the moment

    RWC and still has 3 months rego
  9. No offers..?

    Price drop 5k
  10. I am registering my interest in this particular bikey whykie. have to save some cash.
  11. To easy mate, let me know how you go.
  12. very interested in the 400 size. especially just short on funds. got 3k saved so far. give me a few more months and ill see what i can muster.
  13. Ok mate with things as they are now I reckon it will still be for sale, only had a few tyre kickers look at it.
  14. Another 6 months rego, still for sale

    Bike still available, sale fell through.
  15. hi mate, bike still available? looking for a first bike.
  16. Great, rare, first bike.

    Can't believe this hasn't been snapped up.
  17. Hmmm wow this is very interesting. I've been looking at de-restricting a 650's but this might tick all the box's (including you know, not being illegal and voiding my insurance and all lol)

    I assume its a grey import? What year model is it? Rego would be expiring this month right?? Whats involved in this inter state transport you talk about?

    Happy to talk in PM if you would prefer
  18. Yup spot on Justus. Talked to the bloke today and he has sold it so this thread can be closed.

    Pity, looked like an awesome bike and even better bargain.

    Anyone know much about these bikes? They appear to be only sold in the 'cheaper' markets ie. Asia/ South America. I've had trouble finding reviews on them. Pretty much its a CB400 with streetfighter styling?
  19. The GSR400 was never a great seller.
    It was super-seeded by the GSR600 which suffered the same fate.
    The latest incarnation is the GSR750, which, like its' predecessors is not proving to be a great seller.

    End of story.
  20. Hmm what a shame.

    Appreciate the response.
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