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VIC [Sold] Garage sale

Discussion in 'Non-Bike Stuff for Sale' at netrider.net.au started by TheRuss, Nov 22, 2013.

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  1. Gday gday,

    It's been a while... I relocated to Seattle just shy of 2 years ago and whatever we didn't take with us (in 5 suitcases) went into storage, because we weren't sure how committed we were...

    We're pretty happy over there now and so hoping to offload most of the bigger pieces of furniture and some random bits and pieces.

    Summary list of the bigger items:
    Fridge, washer, dryer, queen bed base, top notch queen mattress, tv cabinet, bookshelf, Ikea Expedit (4x4), lounge suite, 6 seat dining set.

    But we also have kitchen appliances, a Wii, xbox360, random storage draw thingies, bedside tables, baby stuff.... you get the picture.

    If you were considering getting something soon thats in the list or that you think a typical house might have, drop a comment - and I can provide further details and let you know i we have what you want/need.

    At some point in the next week or two, we'll be going in there to get a better idea of exactly what we have and want to offload, at which time I can get pics etc.

    In most cases, you would need to pick up from the storage unit in Williamstown - and we will probably also try to plan an 'Open' day for more of the little stuff once the big stuff moves to make some room.

  2. Don't know if it's too late but do you still have the Ikea Expedit? If so what colour is it?
  3. We do still have the Expedit.... however there was not much interest in most of the other stuff.. and the bad news is, the expedit is right at the back of the unit behind it all.

    That said, it's a white one there is a tiny bit of expansion in the particle board base at one end where it had gotten wet a few years back (essentially just pushing the laminate out a bit) - if the situation changes and it becomes accessible I can post back here if you are keen?
  4. Yeah no problem. If possible can you include the picture of the area where it had expanded.
  5. So I went in tonight and moved a bunch of stuff around to get a few smaller things out... Turns out the expedit is a primary support for the "structure" that is my furniture tetris. :)

    I really wanted to get my helmet out to try and get a ride in this week - but, alas, it is in the immoveable expedit and blocked in by drawers that were supporting a couch! lol.

    I guess it's all just gonna sit there for another couple of years.
    Thanks anyway.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.