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[Sold] Fun cage - Renault Sport Clio 172

Discussion in 'Archived' started by gsxrjames, May 19, 2012.

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  1. #1 gsxrjames, May 19, 2012
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    Edit. After a quick sale. $6800 ono. Mega cheap, sell a kidney if you need to :D

    Now listed;http://www.carsales.com.au/private/...=Stock&Range=Price:Min,10000~0.5&sort=default

    Price drop to 7k! and will consider offers. Very good value

    Hi all,
    Due to moving interstate with too many vehicles I'm selling my Clio.
    For those who don't know these cars, they are extremely fun to drive, very agile and quick. It's a raw hot hatch with 172hp and slightly over 1000kgs. Performance is similar to current golf GTI's, Integra Typre r etc at a fraction of the cost. Quality bang for buck.

    Full service history
    Unmodified (Except a dark tint and upgraded speakers)
    Very good condition
    Engine, gearbox, clutch, tyres etc all top notch.
    6stacker cd player
    Automatic headlights and wipers
    Leather interior
    Minor marks from general use, also aircon needs re-gassing
    Reg expires in July 2012

    Overall, a great car, fun, reliable and a bit different.
    $7500 will see this baby in your garage :D Will list higher on carsales.
    This is in the corolla/Camry price range...





    Please ask if you have any questions.

    This is what Clarkson had to say of the Clio 182 (10hp more than mine but more weight and no spare wheel).

    Note* his comments on built quality are in comparison to much more expensive cars. This car has caused me no issues.
    Also, the seat on the 172 isn't 'bolt upright,' it got heaps of lean available.

    PM if interested
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    Aye. Very fun cars to drive.

  3. Good luck with the sale....

    Hot-hatches are fantastic cars and too often over-looked for hoots.....
  4. bump for price drop and proper listing on car sales. check it out
  5. Ok, $6.8k ono if sold this month. It's ready to be driven away and transfered.
    A serious bargain for winter fun.
    Pm me
  6. SOLD - Forgot to update.
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