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[Sold] Edelbrock Performer Manifold

Discussion in 'Archived' started by FireRed, Jul 9, 2012.

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  1. FOR SALE, A BRAND NEW -$250
    Edelbrock 2181 Performer Series Intake Manifold

    I bought it last week, and I ordered the wrong model by mistake... So i had to order the right one...
    Your loss is my gain! Still in original packaging with all instructions/warranty etc...

    I paid $350

    Fits 1969-1972, Ford 351 cu. in. Windsor V8s with OEM carburetor. 1973 non-CA and non-EGR!

    Generate massive low-end torque and improve throttle response! If you're looking for a dual plane, low rise intake manifold the Edelbrock Performer line is for you.

    Performers have a patented runner design and 180 degree firing order that you won't find in any other manifold.

    This combination boosts torque over a wide rpm range, from off- idle all the way up to 5,500 rpm.

    These manifolds also deliver improved throttle response over stock intakes and are available in both EGR and non-EGR styles.

    They accept late-model choke, water neck, alternator, and air conditioning brackets and have provisions for oil filler tube.


    • Will not fit Boss 351

    • Aftermarket 4bbl carb is not compatible with Ford AOD transmission unless used with Lokar SRK-400 bracket

    • Natural finish

    Available for pickup from surfers paradise.


  2. nice but please not all caps in the title as it's against the t&c's
  3. Oop sorry. Wont happen again.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.