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[Sold] Dainese Scout EVO Gore-Tex Gloves (XL)

Discussion in 'Archived' started by dbrain, Nov 14, 2015.

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  1. Hey guys,

    TL;DR Pictures, $120 (pp if posting), Pick up from Pakenham or CBD on weekdays (6am-3pm)

    Obviously wrong time of year, but figure I'll see how it goes and repost worst case.
    Selling my XL Dainese Scout EVO Gore-Tex Gloves. Barely used, as I hated the lack of feel so much that I preferred to just let my leathers drown to death. When I did use them they did their job well, kept my hands dry and warm even on the coldest mornings. I got used to them after wearing them for a little, but every time I went back to my leathers I saw what I was missing out on, and just gave up on them.

    Went out this morning and bought my new "wet weather gloves" so I don't murder my GP Tech. Some cheapo non-waterproof RST leathers. I couldn't find a single pair of waterproof gloves I could deal with. Shows how dainty I am. Thought I'd try to pay for them after the fact by selling these.

    A friend runs with these (his own pair) all year around, which is why I bought them, and he loves them. So it must just be me. He also thinks they're fine in summer, I feel like they'd get a bit warm but he doesn't seem to mind (been out on 34 degree days with him).

    Currently on bikebiz for $240 which is what I paid at Peter Stevens when I bought them maybe 6 months ago (probably less). Reviews on Revzilla here. I'm looking for $120 plus postage if you aren't able to pick them up.

    Pictures are here.

    Pick up from Pakenham or the CBD on weekdays (6am-3pm~). Happy for you to check them out for fit without any commitments to buy.

  2. Hey mate, I might drop into a shop today and try on a pair of XL Dainese gloves to see if they'd fit. I take an XL in the Astar stuff for comparison if you can comment on that, given you've got Astar gloves too.

    If they fit I'll take'em for sure.
  3. See how you go, my glove sizes are all over the place. I'm a M in A* GP Tech, L in A* GP Plus and L in RST somethings. If that helps at all.
    These XL gloves run a little large on me, but the L felt a little too small, and given they're not leather there isn't a bunch of movement.
  4. Gday DBRAIN, are the gloves still available?
  5. Hi! Still available. I was considering putting them on Gumtree/eBay given they've been up here without a bite for over 6 months.
  6. Hey mate. If you can bring them in the city tomorrow, I'd like to have a look?
  7. Will do. I'm on the corner of Collins and Queen.
    I'll PM you in the morning to work out a time. I'm usually out of the city by 2pm.
  8. Gday DBRAIN,
    My apologies for not getting back to you, ive still bike dramas n import parts issues which i'll be asking about in the thread I started in a couple minutes.
    If you still have the gloves, im ok to do a direct transfer by phone app plus postage if that's ok with you?
  9. Hey Bob, Still around, but DiffDiff has first dibs. Won't know for sure until Tuesday 28th (just had a baby, so I'm away until then) if he wants them. I'll PM you then if he decides he's not interested.
    Sorry for weird circumstances!
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  10. Gday DBRAIN, hey that's cool and congratulations on baby,
    no stress, will log on on tues to see.
    Whats PM stand for?
  11. Thanks! PM is Private Message.
  12. No stress DBRAIN, thanks for letting me know.
    My apolz for late reply, regional internet.

    Heres hoping mum n bub r doin well, n no doubt the extra cash
    is already spent.

    If by chance you've any other riding equip you need to unload, don't hesitate to
    sing out....espesch if in L to XL.

    Again, All the best.
    Cheers n safe riding.
  13. mate any chance you can post a pic of these? I take an XL in Dainese gloves. please let me know if sale does not proceed.
  14. Sorry, sold already as per the reply above. I can't seem to edit the thread tag to "SOLD", otherwise I would do that.
    If you still want to see pictures there's some in the original post (link at the bottom).
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Not open for further replies.