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[Sold] Dainese Cage Leather Jacket (48)

Discussion in 'Archived' started by bobthekelpy, Oct 2, 2016.

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  1. I am selling a near new Dainese Cage leather jacket. It's a size 48 euro and has always been a little big for me, so will be buying something similar again, but in a smaller size. Also comes with a Wave G2 back protector.
    Bought new from Peter Stevens Dandenong around December 2014 for $569, but hasn't seen much use. Due to it being a little too large, I've always just worn one of my better fitting textile jackets instead, so it still presents as new. So, grab your self a bargain at half the price!

    Asking $280 and will ship anywhere in Australia. Or am willing to drop the price a smidge if you can pick it up :)

    Dainese Mens Cage Leather Jacket - Black - Leather Jackets - Road Apparel - Riding Gear

  2. Hello, noobie here looking for gear.
    I'm currently going through researching items but if you can't get rid of the jacket chuck me a PM and we can negotiate a price.

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  3. Hey Dan,

    I might have a look at it depending on your post code
  4. Haha I just checked my textile dainese, would you believe it's a 48 as well. I should never have bought it but I was new and didn't know any better. Shoulder and elbow armour fit perfectly, but waist is too high and sleeves too short. At $280 that's a bloody bargain, I know they make you pay extra for the back protector too so it's a bloody steal at that price. Good luck to whoever picks it up
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  5. I find the same problem with most gear, I'm skinny but still fairly tall for a 48 (just under 180). I find most Dainese jackets have a longer body
  6. I've tried on a bunch of dainese gear, everything that sits correctly on the shoulders is alway too short in the arms and too high at the waist. I'm 180cm and fluctuate between 78-80kgs so quite slim. I was complaining about this to a friend the other day and she responded with "Steve I have little to no sympathy for tall slim people... so you can basically shut up". Fair point... but I got a 2 piece race suit made to measure and I think my next purchase will be a touring suit that I can commute to work in and just use the jacket on occasion when I want to wear jeans. Was expensive, but the best money I ever spent. I was at eastern creek a while ago and never once did my mind wander to being uncomfortable in my gear, when it fits perfectly you're free to concentrate on more important things. I might do some research now, I'd love a nice jacket to ride to work in haha
  7. Yes, the shaping on motorcycle jackets makes it pretty difficult to find something that will fit nicely everywhere. I might have to have a look into getting one fitted if things start to get a little bit more serious.
  8. RigglerRiggler earlier this year I got a company called ozmotorcycleleathersozmotorcycleleathers (they're now based at eastern creek in nsw) to measure me up for some custom leathers, and although people are shocked at what you have to pay for work like this, let me just tell you it is the single best thing I have ever spent money on. It took a little while to get made and shipped over, but the fit is perfect. Like, perfect. I always thought it was a drag wearing motorcycle gear - it has always been uncomfortable, ill fitting, inferior quality and overpriced. If the shoulder armour fit properly the arms were too short and the elbows weren't in the right spot, and if the arms and waist were long enough the shoulders were way too wide etc...

    Having something that's tailored to your exact shape isn't cheap, but I never put the suit on and feel uncomfortable. Everything about it is just perfect, which leaves me to not only be safer than when in any other gear, but to concentrate on the ride instead of being distracted wishing I was more comfortable.

    GiMoto is the brand - It's Italian, and it's actually hand made in italy, unlike most Italian brands lately. Not a stitch out of line. Not a panel misshapen. It's perfectly symmetrical. It's absolutely beautiful. I honestly can't speak more highly of the workmanship, the fit, and the finish. If you're in the market I can't speak more highly of these guys. Obviously the price is a bit off putting for a lot of people but since owning one of their suits, as far as I'm concerned for as long as I ride I'll never be without one. Set some cash aside and sort yourself out...
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  9. Bummer......seems this would be a fraction too small for me otherwise I'd have snapped it up for sure.
  10. RigglerRiggler & blonkyblonky , furyfury has messaged me about the jacket first, obviously, he just needs to ensure it fits okay prior to me updating this as sold. Either way I'll update the ad after he's looked at it etc.
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