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[Sold] Dainese Bora Titanium Jacket EU48

Discussion in 'Archived' started by chillibutton, Sep 24, 2015.

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  1. I bought this awesome jacket which is in excellent condition from another Netrider member who was migrating (from memory) a couple of months back, and it's just one size too small for me. Should've known if at the time but really liked it and was keen to purchase so I did. I've worn it twice only (trying to fool myself it was the right size) but it's just too tight. So have to regretfully resell it. Bought for $300 (was around $1000 new) and asking the same or nearest reasonable offer. Can be viewed/tried on in Melbourne's eastern 'burbs.

    Original sales thread can be viewed as well - Dainese leather jacket

    krapskikrapski I beat you to it last time, still interested?

    image. image. image. image. image.
  2. Haha - while looking for a larger size online, I have just seen this exact jacket in the same size for $600. Which must make this bargain of the year lol. Will have to put up the price ;)
  3. That's SUCH a bargain, but I picked up a lower grade Dainese jacket on Gumtree for not that much less. Oh well :(
  4. Easy solution, buy this one and sell yours at the price you bought it :D . Only kidding, too much hard work involved, but thanks for letting me know.
  5. OK jacket is no longer for sale. I have lost a couple of kgs and while its still snug, it fits pretty well now. So will be wearing it!
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  6. Best.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.