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[Sold] Bike gear

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by peter-reebok, May 3, 2014.

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  1. #1 peter-reebok, May 3, 2014
    Last edited: May 14, 2014
    Surgeon says no more bikes.
    So Bike has been sold, leaving me with plenty of gear.
    Also have plenty of sets of gloves, buy something and take a few pairs!. for free.
    And plenty of misc items, ie wheel rollers, chain cleaners etc etc. More boots, tank bag, ventura bag etc etc

    Everything is negotiable!!!!!!

    Aerostich Roadcrafter Lite in grey -sold

    Item 2
    Rjays wet weather gear. Sold

    Item 3
    Alpine stars leathers, size USA 42, EUR 58
    pants zip to jacket.
    Jacket has a few years of wear, pants almost new. Zips replaced revently in jacket due to pull tab breaking. had em replaced professionally.
    Both in excellent condition, with years of wear left.
    never been down the road. your chance to get full protection at a bargain price.
    looking for $450

    Item 4
    Sidi Explorer boots - suitable for adventure touring, comfortable enough for road touring, walking etc
    They have taken me around Aust, India, Kashmir,and further. Just excellent boots, sourced from overseas.
    Eur 44, 10 US, 9.5 UK size
    in excellent condition, with years of wear left.
    never been down the road. your chance to get full protection at a bargain price.
    I wear a size 10 shoe in australian sizings
    Looking for $300

    Item 5
    Repco Bike lift (hydraulic foot operated.). Sold


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  2. PM sent
  3. Hi peter, are you willing to post to qld? I'm interested in the rjays wet weather gear and would pay postage of course.
    Cheers Ryan
  4. Peter, sorry to hear you have to quit riding, I hope you hang around here on Netrider......
  5. #5 peter-reebok, May 3, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: May 4, 2014
    Am hoping to return to riding once I get the walking thing back on track.

    But a couple of replacement parts should see me through.

    I really liked the ducati, am I am sure there is another one in my future, maybe in a few years

    Quite bulky?
    Will see if I can sort out an idea of postage for you first.
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  6. Peter, what weight can the lift lift ?
    Will it take a cruiser ?

    I'll take the Rjays gear and the lift.
  7. Someone beat you to the lift,
    I am trying to work out postage for the guy in qld, will reply as soon as I can
  8. Postage would be around $40. if I make up a box.
    I have someone else interested who can pick up, so let me know asap, so I can let them know if it is your or available for someone else.
  9. Thanks peter that would be greatly appreciated if you could box it up for me.

    $90 all up is fine but I don't think I can pm yet so if you let me know how you want me to pay ( PayPal or bank transfer ) I will do that and give you all my address details. Just send me a message on here or my email is helz.swanson@gmail.com

    Cheers Ryan
  10. Boxed up and will be on its way to qld ( isnt it meant to be sunny?)
  11. Sorry Wet weather gear gone now too.- he replied quickly, as he was first to ask, it is his.
  12. It was sunny this weekend but bloody cold! Was nice to go for a ride in the leathers and not drown in my own sweat for once lol. In saying that on fri morning was a first for me riding to work in a full-on thunder and lighting show, hence the suddenly discovered need for wet weather gear.

    Thanks, Ryan
  13. Hey there, wouldn't mind having a look at the roadcrafter. I'm a couple of inches taller and a little lighter than you, but it could be worth trying on.
  14. Hey Pete, really, really sorry to hear this but understand. All the very best with getting fixed.

    Maybe those Can Am Spyders are looking more appealing now? he he

    Hope you stick around though mate!
  15. If i start riding a can am, feel free to point and laugh.
    Not for me.
    Looking forward to surgery, some recovery, then a new duc.
    Maybe a year or two, once the surgeon/carpenters get at you, you have to wait and see. Them black and decker people can saw really well.
  16. Hi Peter, what kind of tank bag is it? Any pics?
  17. All gear except boots and leather gone.

    Having quite a few medical procedures lately, so am 'confused' a bit due to medication.
    My apologies
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