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[Sold] Berik Vision Leather Gloves Size XL

Discussion in 'Archived' started by stellio78, Jan 26, 2012.

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  1. 4 Sale: Berik Vision Leather Gloves Size XL *SOLD*


    I have 4 sale a pair Berik vision leather gloves size XL, as new with tags for $90 picked up from Sylvania or $100 postage.


    Cow hide leather
    100% polyester lining
    Wrist Strap
    Stretch Kevlar near knuckles for improved movement
    Reinforced palm
    Velcro closure on wrist
    Vented fingers
    Stretch panel on fingers
    Leather stretch panels for wrist movement
    PU knuckle protectors
    Reinforced palm and fingers for added protection
    Reinforced leather wrapping the little finger
    Reinforced palm area with Titanium

    If your interested let me know.
  2. My Alpine star GP pluses have just developed a tear in a seam after 2 years regular wearing, so I'm in the market for some good quality gloves. These look the ticket. If they're sized like A*'s, consider them sold. $100 posted to Melbourne. Check ya PM's.
  3. I've sent you a PM, first one was incomplete so read the second.
  4. Sold to Rob, thanks.
  5. Thanks Stellio. I've got the gloves. Good fit. Looks like I'm an XL in Berik gloves. :)

    In terms of a thumbnail review, the gloves are great - the lack of ventilation on the other hand... major sweaty palms on a hot day! Seems like their sizing isn't the only thing they took from Alpine star! lol

    Thanks for the pain free sale mate.
  6. Bugger ! Was looking for a new pair of Berik gloves... Well done Rob !
  7. No worries Rob, glad your happy with them.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.