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[Sold] Assorted riding gear

Discussion in 'Archived' started by raj_27, Oct 2, 2014.

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  1. #1 raj_27, Oct 2, 2014
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2014
    For sale are

    DriRider Air Ride 2 Mens Jacket Black (2 months of use in good Condition): $60 Size:XL :SOLD
    Rjays all season pants stout 1 (2 months of use in good Condition): $30 Size:XL :SOLD
    Icon Compound Overpants (7 months of use with minor scratches, still very good to use): $70 Size:34 SOLD

    I prefer some one pick this up from Berwick or Moorabbin (working hours from 14/10/2014)
  2. Damn, I was hoping you were another fat guy so I could pick up some more gear on the cheap :p

    Good luck with the sale :)
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  3. Feel free to come and try, if in doubt. They do have plenty of adjustment. With icon over pant its way big than normal 34 size.
  4. Haha no, I'm a 6XL in Dririder so it's not gonna happen :p 44 in pants too
  5. I was hopping he was going to be a skinny guy...... Way to big for me, good luck with the sale.

    Cheers Jeremy
  6. Hey Jeremy,
    I am definately not XL. It was a mistake, hence on sale. Hope to loose more weight this summer, so I can sell more smalliah sizes.
  7. Im looking for a jacket.. How's the fitting? Im 175cm, 77kg and I usually wear medium size shirts and jumpers which are pretty fitted on me. Sometimes I'd wear a large. You reckon this would fit me?
  8. I am about your size. I felt jacket was bit on looser side. Come and try if you like.
  9. Hi mate, I'm fairly keen on the jacket. Any chance you're going to be around Melbourne CBD or Doncaster/Templestowe in the next week? :)
  10. Sorry tooch, no chances of being arround those areas
  11. The cover pants are a tempting proposition. My current size 36 leather pants fit well over my office trousers, but my arse gets pretty sweaty, which isn't a good thing for working in an office. How well do they breathe around the goolies/crack?
  12. These are definately baggy er than leather pants. They will breath a bit better I would say.
  13. My leathers go into my boots, but these look like they go around the outside, so presumably they'll get more airflow than my current leathers. Hmmm. I'll have a think about how to justify the expenditure to the Mrs, then get back to you.
  14. No worries mate. Please note they got some scraches.
  15. Yep, no worries about that. They probably don't have as many scratches/grazes as my leathers. ;)
  16. DriRider Air Ride 2 Mens Jacket Black :Sold

    Rest still available.
  17. Giiday mate when you say all weather, how good were the Rjays in the wet
  18. I had few trips with rain. Kept me dry. It has a rain liner inside. I much prefer rain proof outer shell.
  19. Price drop on both pants.
  20. Gidday raj_27 would The Rjays XL pants be suitable for a 34-36 waist
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