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[Sold] Angel GT rear tyre, size 180*17*55

Discussion in 'Archived' started by KumuduG, May 14, 2016.

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  1. Hi Guys

    I'm selling my barely used Angel GT Rear tyre. 180*17*55

    Reason for selling is I fitted a new pair of Bridgestone S21s

    Price : 150 (Pickup only)
    Location: Boronia VIC

    20160514_155556. 20160514_155611.
  2. Price dropped to $110
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  3. Is that a ZR tyre, Im interested,
  4. Yup it is. :)
  5. I will have a look at it first, Then Sold,
  6. Ya fair enough. Let me know when you wanna come have a look.
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  7. Sold. Thanks deadmandeadman for picking it up.
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  8. I have used Z8' for 70,000 Kays the Z6's for 30,000 before that,

    The Pirelli GT is nearly Identical to the Metzeler Z8 in fabrication and compounds, Both are now made by Pirelli,

    When your on a good thing you stick to it, But a cheap GT was too good to pass up, and i have been seriously looking at the GT's. for my Bird,

    I need a new front tyre, So I will get a GT for the front as well, A matched set gives me the best of both worlds,

    I did get a good write up from a mate in Sweden that deals in bike tyres and also road tests them, He Owns a couple of Birds, So knows what tyres do suit it,

    Thanks Con,
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Thread Status:
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