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[Sold] Alpinestars Leather Jacket

Discussion in 'Archived' started by cameraguy, Jun 16, 2015.

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  1. #1 cameraguy, Jun 16, 2015
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2015
    Alpinestars Leather Jack 56 Euro L-XL New $280

    Hi All,

    For sale is a new Alpinestars leather jacket which is an unwanted gift, due to fit.

    It has an internal vest liner for winter months, perforated panels for airflow, great quality leather and zips and adjustable leather and velcro waist strips. Internal zipper to attach to pants, great quality arm, shoulder and back protection adjustable wrists etc. Recessed pockets on the front of the chest for easy access and several internal ones.

    Currently located in Bondi area, happy to meet serious enquiries in the city / sydney metro.

    Postage definitely possible too.


    Would be suitable for 6 foot 85kg + people, ideally 6"2 + 95kg + unless you're particularly broad shouldered / built. Cheers.

    Alpinestars Leather Jacket (1 of 10). Alpinestars Leather Jacket (2 of 3). Alpinestars Leather Jacket (2 of 10). Alpinestars Leather Jacket (6 of 10). Alpinestars Leather Jacket (7 of 10). Alpinestars Leather Jacket (8 of 10). Alpinestars Leather Jacket (1 of 1)-2. Alpinestars Leather Jacket (1 of 1).
  2. Man, a few more pictures wouldn't go amiss - no wonder they call you the cameraguy ;)
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  3. Hehehe love it, uploading blues on this forum....nothing like being a newbie.

    Turns out deleting them is quite a slow process too. Will be working on it.
  4. The same pics uploaded 3 times!
  5. Yep working on it.... no idea seeing how the limit was reportedly 8 pics....
  6. Are you on a tablet? They have been known to give some grief with uploading.
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  7. No laptop, I think I spammed the upload function thinking a 'hang' was a 'non communication'....
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  8. Damn - I thought you were selling 3 jackets for $280. Or buy 1 get 2 free ;)
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  9. The photos come with it. Happy to even do a brief modelling session with the lucky winner.

  10. Hi Cameraguy i am frothing over that Jacket !
    Im available this saturday , just pm me a time/place if thats good for you,
  11. Hey mate, struggling to find how to start a conversation, may i ask you to begin one with me?

    saturday would be good for me. i'll await a message while i try to work this out...
  12. Sold to the good guy Gravedigga! Cheers all.
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