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SOLD - Almost complete VFR800 in parts

Discussion in 'Archived' started by kaldek, Aug 4, 2013.

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  1. #1 kaldek, Aug 4, 2013
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2013
    In my garage I have an almost complete bunch of parts for a 2002/2006 VFR800. They all need to go as I've moved on in life and don't have tinkering time.

    In 2011 I bought a 2006 VFR repairable write-off and put all the mechanicals from it in my 2002 bike. Why? Because I'm weird. I eventually sold the 2002 bike. Anyway, here are all the bits I have to sell.

    • 2002 VFR800 motor (complete) with 128,000km on it. Dyno'd at 107HP at the rear wheel. Nothing wrong with it
    • 2006 VFR800 frame from repairable write-off. Clean title, no dents.
    • 2002 VFR800 swingarm. Missing swingarm pivot bolt only.
    • 2006 VFR subframe
    • 2002 VFR seat
    • 2006 VFR forks (slightly bent, possibly can be straightened)
    • Big box of fuel system components. Throttle bodies, injectors, Fuel pumps (no ECU unfortunately), dashboard
    • 2002 VFR fuel tank (slight dent - red)
    • 2006 VFR fuel tank (mint condition, metallic black)
    • Two wiring harnesses. One 2006 USA, one 2002 Australian
    • Box of parts such as handlebars, airbox, brake calipers, brake hoses, coolant bottle, other stuff I can't remember
    • Left and right-side fairings (scratches, some cracks on the clips) from 2006 metallic black VFR
    • Box full of bolts from when parts were disassembled.

    There's probably some other stuff I can't recall. Basically I want someone to come and take the lot. $500 and you almost have a complete bike.
  2. Man if I had a shed or garage I'd be really tempted by this, it'd be a great way to learn more about the workings of bikes. Shame I just don't have the space. Good luck mate.
  3. What a shame you sold the VFR!

    Enjoyed your great informative videos from VFRD, gluck!
  4. Is the motor VTEC or pre-VTEC? I know the VTEC was released in 02, but not sure if the FI was also made in 02.
  5. It's a VTEC motor.
  6. Thanks - I'll get back to you. He (son) would be more interested if it was an fi, but I'll pass it on. Where in Melbourne are you - east / west etc?
  7. South-east, near Cranbourne.
  8. So kaldek, what's missing to make it complete and as will the wiring and ecu all match up correctly being different years ?
  9. What's missing is the fairing and front fairing subframe, rear wheel and ECU. There will be some other small parts too but I never did an audit of what's needed to complete a bike; I was going to make track bike out of it all. But I, uh, took up cycling...

    I'd probably buy an ECU off eBay (USA version). I had one but sold it!
  10. Oh, that's a lot of bike (parts) for the money! Do you take credit cards? :)

    PM Sent.
  11. I'll happily take PayPal, which I think you can use with just a credit card (no account needed if I recall).
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