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[Sold] AGV Sport 2-piece leather suit

Discussion in 'Archived' started by ajiribarren, Oct 6, 2013.

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  1. Hi everyone, after a long hiatus from the bike world, I'm back on two wheels, and decided that apart from a new bike (Nuda 900) I would like a leather two piece suit.

    Fast forward a couple of weeks, this beautiful suit arrives, but the sizing is off for me, so I'm putting it up here if anyone is keen.

    Is a AGV Palomar two piece suit, size US46/EU56. Brand new, never worn apart from sizing and realizing is a tad big for me.

    Looking for AUD 450 o.n.o. Happy if you'll like to try it on. Just PM.

    Some pics


  2. Price driop, 400 o.n.o. I tried returning it, but it was stupidly expensive to ship.
  3. What height, size, weight are you and is the suit too small or too big etc
  4. Hey mate, height 178 cm, weight 90 kgs, usually take a size Eur 54 (big gut) and this suit is a little big for me, considering its leather and it will give in a little with time. So i guess someone over 180-185 should fit better than me (sucks being a fat ass like me hehe)
  5. Price Drop... 350 o.n.o! Surely someone is in need of a good and affordable two piece suit!
  6. Hi did you get me message? I'm keen to come and have a look and only live round the corner from you!
  7. Mate, sorry for the late reply. I sent you a PM
  8. Sold!
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.