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[Sold] 6x4 trailer

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Cheeba, Aug 24, 2012.

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  1. Just found out that annoyingly to get a towbar on my car we would have to have a custom one made up for >$1000 so I'm selling my trailer instead!

    Standard two wheel 6x4 trailer. I'll post some photos later but if you've seen one you have seen them all!

  2. Out of interest, what car do you have? :)
  3. LOL, Thats exactly what I wanted to know.

    Good luck with the trailer mate!
  4. A ****ing irritating one now ;)

    Nah it's an Audi A6 Avant (wagon) - they thought they had one that was suited but after them spending an hour taking the bumper off something just wouldn't work. Apparently most Audi drivers don't want to tow anything it seems!

    Thanks Snowman :)
  5. can we see some pics mate. Does it have stands/hooks built in? I mean, is it a motorbike trailer or just a plain box trailer. thanks
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  6. talk around different towbar places. I had the same problem with my car. 90% wont do it, 5% will charge an arm and a leg, and 5% has the can do attitude at a good price...........
  7. Hi mate - it's just a plain box trailer. I'll try and stick some pics up tonight, thanks.
  8. Yep we tried unfortunately. We also went with the company who we had used very happily before - they gave it a a crack for a couple of hours but to no avail. Some of the quotes were just crazy!
  9. Are those photos coming mate? Been waiting a few days now to see what this this longs like!
  10. Yeah sorry took a while to get a chance to haul it out of the garage and empty it! I have an old for sale sign in the bottom to protect it a little bit.




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  11. OK I want the space in my garage back so dropped to $300 before I stick it on ebay.
  12. What suburb are you in?

    Edit: (to be less annoying) I'm pretty keen but as I haven't got the towbar fitted to my car yet, I'm going to need to arrange to borrow a mate's car if I wind up buying it, so I just want to check where it is to figure out logistics.
  13. like to see a photo of it and where it can be seen.Ed
  14. Hey Cheebz, I'm in need of a decent box trailer to move my cruiser to the gold coast. Any chance you can let me know what suburb you're in and I'll come check her out when you're free if you haven't sold it yet?
  15. dude, you heading back north? I had an r1200c cruiser brought down from Syd to Melb door to door bout $300 wish I had that guys number still he was brilliant how he handled bikes, all enclosed Marc van.
  16. Off topic, but I already sorted it, bought a trailer, bike didn't fit so I just rode it up haha. Through a cyclone. Like a boss.
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