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[Sold] 2016 Street Triple 660

Discussion in 'Archived' started by wideone3, Feb 11, 2016.

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  1. Today I've decided to sell my street triple due to a passionate lust towards a different bike.
    It is a mere 6 months old with ~4000km on the Odo
    It was purchased up at Bikebiz in Parramatta brand new and since then has had a lot of accessories added.

    It is used more as a weekend bike and the commute to work (10 minutes away) every few days as i have a car. However this bike has never really been pushed hard and i could count the number of times I've got it past 8k rpm on one hand. Purely down to the fact that in any gear past 8k rpm you are already well over the speed limit.

    It was serviced after the break in period at 1500km by SMW up in hornsby. I got it serviced here instead of Pro-cycles purely as me and my father have had horrible servicing from pro cycles and the issues were never fixed and at one service the oils weren't changed. SMW have been perfect and the bike has been running smooth since.

    It also has a number of accessories as follows:

    - R+G Tail Tidy ($200)
    - Triumph Protection pack ($450)
    -Engine Casing
    -Frame Sliders
    -Flyscreen ($350)
    -BellyPan ($320)
    -SDR Carbon Levers (brake + clutch) ($150)
    -Rizoma Triumph bar end mirrors ($320)
    -Competition Werkes Exhaust slip on ($650)

    Although I'm selling, Im not really in any rush to sell and haven't put the bike up on bikesales due to the fees i wasn't aware of.
    The price is $12250 and that price is pretty firm considering there are no similar street triples let alone 2016 models.
    Feel free to offer and i might take them into consideration depending on how wild they are.

    Also Private message me if you want to come and take a look at the bike, however i will only allow test rides if the full amount is handed to me first as a insurance (incase you ride off, Bin it etc)

    I live in the North Shore region and will be willing to ride half way to meet someone if its say 45 minutes.
    20160211_123128. 20160211_123045. 20160211_123033. 20160211_123028. 20160211_123019. 20160211_123011. 20160211_122934. 20160211_122922. 20160211_122914.


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  2. This is a sweet-sounding and looking bike...
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  3. Good luck mate.
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  4. Im hoping to trade it for a ducati. The sound of those things is to die for, literally. But yeah the stripple does sound very nice with that pipe
  5. Sell it to bastianbastian, I know he was lusting after it on those rides ;)
  6. Thats not a bad idea :p guess then SibiSibi can take that mt-03 :D
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  7. If I had room I'd be tempted to take the stripple myself... lovely bikes. Bastian can keep his thumper ;)
  8. It really is a nice bike, and i mean if it doesn't sell for the rather higher price i put it at, Ill just keep it. But i went and test rode a ducati monster 659 and fell in love with the sound. I think if i buy and sell right i can get the ducati just how i want it and it'll be perfect.
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  9. Definitely a nice ride. Good luck!
  10. Noooooo wide one I haven't ridden it yet!!!!! I was waiting until our next group get together :cry:
    I should have taken the opportunity when you offered last time:banghead:
  11. #11 uncle greg, Feb 11, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 12, 2016
    its the bargain that people like us get because the seller has more money than sense

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  12. Don't worry. If it doesn't sell for this price I'm keeping it. Part of me is pricing it pretty high because I don't want to let it go and the other half of me just hears the sound of the ducati in the back of my mind.
    If it doesn't get any interest in the next few weeks itll come with me on the jindabyne trip so don't worry. If your on that you can take a ride. :p
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  13. can I have a ride too?
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  14. You sir are very correct. I really do have more money than sense. When it comes to money I often spend it in a very unresponsive manner. I'll mature over time but when was motorcycling ever about having sense. If we did we would sensibly driving round in cages with wheels. As Shia once said "JUST DO IT"
  15. #15 uncle greg, Feb 11, 2016
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    you shout in jindy then dude

    wow gona get smashed for free
    then when the bar closes I get to flog the street
  16. Im suppose to be in a drought at the moment saving for my trip to japan in June :(.
  17. fcuk japan
    its full of japanese
  18. Your suppose to be the older 'role model' for the younger ones. HA :p
  19. well
    you got the older right anyways
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  20. Im just down for the sushi and the cars. Probably going to be the white guy that rocks up to all the late night car groups or goes and spends all my money at a car auction then realises it's not going to fit in my suitcase
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