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[Sold] 2015 Kawasaki Z1000

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Oldmaid, Apr 7, 2016.

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  1. selling Z1000 with
    • ~2800kms
    • New shorty adjustable levers
    • Stil under manufacturers warranty until December 2016
    • Rego until Dec 2016
    • Excellent condition
    • Spare lever
    • Nice maroon colour
    Dropped twice once in the sand at Grey Gums with absolutely no damage and the other time the very minor damage has been repaired (receipt on request to buyer only)

    Bike is at Port Macquarie New South Wales so you will need to arrange your own transport/pickup etc.
    Not currently advertised anywhere else but will be in 2 weeks.

    $14,000 non negotiable

    There is a showcase of the bike on NR but here are a few pics.

    Genuine buyers only - please PM me. Not open for general discussion.

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  2. Hi OldmaidOldmaid - can't PM you, blocked... :(
  3. You should be able to...are you interested in buying??
  4. Nope still can't - won't let me send to you, dunno why? No not looking to buy sorry, was just saying hi...
  5. Hi there yourself...
    Hope I've fixed it now! :devil: otherwise no potential buyers can contact me either!!!
  6. Yup fixed, buyers can flock in!
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  7. Im an unashamed Z1000 lover and these bikes make for a fantastic street bike.
    Good luck with the sale OldmaidOldmaid.
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  8. Nooooooooo :(

    Good luck with the sale !
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  9. Sad.. All the best.
  10. Ha Bikebiz, the thieving female genitals IMHO, offered me between $10 to $11 k tops for a bike they sold me in Dec 2015 for $17k on road WTF
    Mmmm was I a total fckwit with loser tattooed on my forehead or what :devil:
  11. Although they still need to make a profit from selling a second hand bike, that's the sign of a dealership that doesn't want your business when you do get back into a position to throw your leg back over a bike again.
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  12. It's called depreciation: a new car or bike loses a huge slab of value the moment it leaves the showroom....
    Sorry anyway, Miss Jane....
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  13. Good luck with the sale Oldmaid. I'm going to miss reading about your adventures with Zeddie.
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  14. Sorry to hear :(

    Good luck with the sale. To anyone interested, these are awesome bikes. I love mine.
  15. Too good a bike to give away. I rode with a mate a couple of weeks ago who had one. A muscle machine, and a great looking bike too. This bike will go to the right person, maybe you could give it a bit of a whirl if and when you feel right about it to keep oil in the cogs, young lady.
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  16. Thanks I've got it. Compliance plate is Oct 2015. 2016 model built in 2015.
    Yup as I said I am a moronic fckwit for buying the thing. No argument at all there.
    Thread can be closed now.
    I will try selling locally.
    Cheers dears.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.