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[Sold] 2014 Ducati Monster 659 Pantah

Discussion in 'Archived' started by mattp, Nov 4, 2014.

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  1. Very regrettable sale of a beautiful bike, due to young family and lack of space. This bike is as brand new, and has only done just under 1600 km since new (purchased by me from Ducati City, Melbourne). She has had the 1000km service so saves you even more money over a new bike, and I've done all the breaking in with limited revs etc until the 1000km service, so you can just jump on and enjoy this fantastic machine. Always garaged, and meticulously cared for with only the best products.

    The Ducati 659 is LAMS approved, and is no doubt the best LAMS bike on the market. With the new 3 year restrictions you may as well buy something you'll love.

    Everything about this bike is quality, including massive Brembo brakes (dual on the front, single on the rear) and PIrelli tyres. Let's face it, riding a motorcycle can be dangerous, having the best possible bike, especially if you're learning, may save your life.

    I've added the genuine Ducati Performance 'Pantah' body kit, which is pretty unique in Melbourne and gets a lot of attention. I regularly get comments on the bike and notice people stopping and admiring it when parked at cafes etc. I've also added Pazzo Racing levers (but will include the standard Brembo levers in the sale), an Evotech Performance fender eliminator, and a Ducati Performance seat, which is much more comfortable than stock and has better grip so you don't slide forward into the tank (and it looks better!). At the first service I had Ducati City swap the front sprocket from the standard 15t to 14t, which makes the bike much smoother and better to ride around town. The Rizoma mirrors on it will be taken off prior to sale and the bike will have the standard Ducati mirrors. The standard seat, and rear fender, will come with the bike, and there's a bikini fairing that goes above the front light that is also included.

    Plates are NOT included, and the bike will have standard Victorian plates put on prior to sale.

    The bike owes me over $15k, I'm hoping for $12,995 but am open to reasonable offers.
    Thanks for looking, please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

    gc5747929290200884845. gc4695214852359492844.


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  2. A very nice looking bike.

    Best of luck with the sale...
  3. if only I had that kind of cash.. very nice bike
    GL with sale
  4. Thanks for the comments, it is definitely a beautiful bike!

    Price drop to $12495 as we come into some amazing riding weather.

  5. Beautiful bike at a great price, wow..
    If only I didn't just buy mine last month....
  6. Wish these were around when I was on restrictions.......[emoji15]
  7. nothing like a reverse auction :D

    ...who put that dumb avatar there...
  8. That is Cheap! I wish I had this one my L's years ago. This bike would have been rare and such a blast.

    Good luck with the sale. Try bikesales website. You should be able to sell it quick
  9. Thanks, I've got it on Bikesales and Gumtree as well, I've been surprised it hasn't sold. Plenty of calls though, just need someone who's serious.
  10. Just be patient, it will sell. The summer is here!
  11. Let's try $11,500
  12. Only thing I can think of of why is not selling after having a chat to a devoted owner of ducati 659 who is Italian is the colour.

    Most people prefer it black or red. I personally like your color as it is more unique but my friend disagreed.

    Just keep it and don't drop the price anymore as people will think you are desperate to sell and will give you ridiculous offers...:sour:
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  13. Yeah, I would agree with s1000. As awesome as it is, you'd be better off taking the panels off and trading them with another owner for theirs plus cash your way.
  14. #17 mattp, Jan 7, 2015
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2015
    Yeah I've already had a number of ridiculous offers. I sold the matte black panels, thinking if anyone ever wanted to go back they could easily swap with someone as the Monster Art panels should be quite desirable, compared to the matte black that from 50 paces looks like every other naked bike out there. Plus, the matte finish ages poorly, and the decals peel up at the edges as they're not clear coated.

    If anyone is looking at this and wants the boring matte black finish, I'll throw in a couple of cans of PlastiDip and you can have a matte black Monster in an hour, that will be able to get peeled back to this beautiful beast when you're sick of blending in ;)

    Anyway, the price won't go any lower, I'm sure a discerning buyer will materialise eventually.

    Cheers, Matt
  15. I've taken a deposit on the bike, I'll update and close the thread once it's all finalised.

  16. Sold, thanks.
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