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[Sold] 2014 BMW HP4 Competition

Discussion in 'Archived' started by NAK, Jan 1, 2015.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Up for sale is my HP4 Competition in absolutely immaculate condition. The bike has always been stored indoors in an airconditioned environment. It has never been tracked or in any sort of accident.

    I took delivery of the bike in December 2013. The bike has no finance or anything owing on it.
    First 1,000km service has already been done, second one is due in June/July.

    Bike details:

    Model Year: 2014
    Mileage: ~1,400km
    Build No: 3228
    Rego: ACT (Expires in Jan, but will include 12 months of rego for the buyer if sold in the ACT)
    Warranty: Until end of 2015

    Optional extras:

    Heated grips
    Genuine BMW carbon fibre rear hugger
    Genuine BMW carbon fibre chain guard
    Genuine BMW carbon fibre exhaust hanger
    Genuine BMW race stand

    All stock items will also be provided.

    Please note the bike doesn't come with pillion seat or foot-pegs.

    Price: $32,500 - negotiable

    Interstate buyers: I can arrange transport at the buyer's expense.

    Conditions of Sale:

    Test rides will not be provided. The bike is in perfect condition and has absolutely no issues whatsoever. I can, however, ride it around for you whilst you follow me on another bike (or in a car).

    Please send me a private message if you'd wish to arrange for an inspection or would like to have my phone number for further chat. However, in the interest of time and to only encourage serious buyers (and also to keep scammers/time wasters at bay), I'd request a deposit of $100 to be made into my bank account before we proceed any further. This amount will be fully refundable if the buyer has a genuine reason not to go ahead with the purchase, otherwise I'll adjust it in the final sale price.

    Some pics: (can include more if needed)





    Thank you for viewing.
  2. Bit steep price wise. Moto Adelaide has the last one delivered in Australia brand new for $29560 ride away.


    Why are you selling it? I thought it was your dream bike.
  3. Not at all Devil, if you look closely that's the standard model (black wheels and all), mine's the up spec fully optioned Competition edition. There's an older build number (700 something I think) selling on Bikesales for $35,000 - and that one doesn't even have the optional carbon bits that mine has or the BMW race stand.

    So, I think I'm asking quite a reasonable price.

    As for why selling it. I hardly get time to ride it and it's just sad seeing it sitting there doing nothing. I'd like to do track days and all but don't have the time. Besides, after having ridden it, I think Sports bikes are not for me, I'm rather a Super Naked person and will be considering something in that category after selling this one.
  4. Brutale 1078RR? Join the dark side
  5. Yeah something along those lines! If I had the time for track days I'd keep it, but I think a bike like this is wasted on the road tbh.

    I know you do track days quite regularly. How about you buy it off me, I'll sell it to you at mates rates :D
  6. I like the BMW as I've said before. But it's not really my kind of bike. I like to ride stuff with no electronics
  7. You want $100 deposit to view the bike?

    Oh and don't buy a fcuking MV, you two need to argue for our entertainment.
  8. Can you please also do a close up of the tyres, interested in how worn they are.
  9. And you need to keep being a moron for our entertainment. So carry on
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  10. Whatever floats your boat
  11. Doesn't the F3 other than ABS still have RBW, fuel/ignition/quick-shift, Rev limiter, Traction control, ride modes and let you tinker with and adjust all that stuff?
  12. Beautiful Bike NAKNAK GLWS! I was thinking would it help with the sale if you made a short YouTube video showing the bike starting, giving an idea of the sound and also highlighting some of its better aspects. Just a thought anyway.
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  13. Yes it does. Have I used it? Nope. Sport mode and that is it. Really it's so tractable it doesn't need the TC either
  14. So turn them off on the BMW....
  15. Okay. Truth is I think the BMW is ugly as shite
  16. Thanks ConorkcConorkc .. that's a good idea. :) However I haven't got a proper mic at the moment and none of the video capturing devices I have will do the bike any justice in terms of capturing its sound! I have tried it before and it sounds nothing on the video like it does in person.

    Vertical CVertical C $100 as I mentioned to attract only serious buyers. Pretty sure if someone can afford a >$30k bike, they can afford $100 to view the bike. And as I said, it will be adjusted in the final price. Just gives me a bit of confidence knowing I'm dealing with a genuine buyer.

    And thanks a lot mouthmouth for making this a featured thread!!
  17. Tyres are in pretty good condition, I'd say still about 90% (give or take a few %)..
    Tyres wouldn't be an issue, if you don't like the tyres, I'd throw in a new set for you, just make an offer on the bike!
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  18. Sure, however on a condition that you pay me $20k NOW and legal title and possession of the bike pass in 6 years?
  19. Tempting. How will I change the rego to nsw?
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