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[Sold] 2013 Suzuki GS500

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Julles, Nov 24, 2015.

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  1. #1 Julles, Nov 24, 2015
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    I am looking at getting for the bike $5300.
    Rego: 19/07/2016

    2013 Suzuki GS500 - 13,596 Kms

    Manufacturer warranty until July 2016 - Unlimited KM's
    2012 model – purchased 19/07/2014

    LAMS Approved Sports Tourer

    It is considered the perfect First Bike. Suzuki has been manufacturing this model for over 26 years. With proper care and maintenance, this bike will work forever!

    After market and repair parts are very cheap for this model.

    Sounds and Rides as New.

    == Improvements ==
    Front dash camera mounted under headlight.
    Powerful spot lights.
    Watch mounted on handle bar.
    2 x ON/OFF switches for camera and spot lights.
    New tyres (600km old)
    90deg air valve adaptors

    === 12000 KM service ====
    Oil Changed
    Oil Filter Changed
    Spark Plugs Changed
    Air Filter Changed
    Rear wheel alignment done
    Shift leaver pedal oiled

    Inspections welcome by appointment only in Glen Waverley, Victoria.

    Happy to answer any queries: Julian (leave message if I am unable to answer and I will call you back).

    2 keys provided.
    Service book provided.
    Original sale receipt provided

    RWC will be provided to buyer.

    1. 2015-11-20 11.25.22. 2015-11-20 11.25.45. 2015-11-20 11.25.59. 2015-11-20 11.26.04. 2015-11-20 11.26.16. 2015-11-20 11.27.04. 2015-11-20 11.27.12. 2015-11-20 11.27.19.

  2. Hey Julles,

    Nice bike. Good luck with the sale.

    An asking price might help, though...
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  3. Uh yes, forgot about that :D

    Can't edit the post :(

    I am looking at getting for the bike $5300.
    Rego: 19/07/2016
  4. Done.
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  5. If it only was March, I'd be your man. I'm saving currently and this is pretty much the package I'm after.
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  6. An agreement could be reached...
  7. SOLD !

    I had a query within 1 hour of posting the bike on bikesales and about 3 others within the next 2 days. Today someone came, saw it and placed the payment on the spot. I'll miss this bike, just a joy to ride.
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