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[Sold] 2013 Ninja 650L ABS (LAMS)

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Chillidog, Dec 9, 2013.

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  1. #1 Chillidog, Dec 9, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2014
    My trusty Ninja 650L is for sale (obviously). This is a great bike with loads of torque from down low in the rev range making it very forgiving for a learner rider. This bike also has ABS which is ideal for a first bike.

    I've had this bike since new (Feb 13) when I first got my L's and have had loads of fun.

    During this time it has never missed a beat which has given me the confidence to go on some long trips.

    It's never been dropped, has no marks and a full service history (including full receipts from services).

    The bike remains completely in stock condition (I hear it can be easily deristricted but I never had the need).

    A set of bags connected panniers is also included which provides enough luggage space for long trips away while not getting in the way nor unbalancing the bike.

    The full fairing, adjustable screen and upright riding position make this an ideal bike for anyone looking for a comfortable bike which has the versatility to be great for commuting while also the ideal touring bike (twisties are also fun).

    Will arrange RWC upon deposit being paid.

    Includes factory warranty until Feb 2015

    PRICE: $8,750 Ono net rider new year price drop $7,450

  2. Good luck with your sale, that's a good looking bike there in a nice colour scheme :)
  3. great looking bike, I know the owner babies this bike, great for learner or upgrade from a 250.. Good luck with the sale.

  4. Not sure if I should be offended by you stating I baby the bike...I prefer to refer to it as I ride it conservatively.
  5. well, that too :)
  6. Been told to get more serious. Net rider new year price drop $7,750.

    Oh, also happy to deliver anywhere in Victoria or if you pick it up it comes with a full tank of fuel :)
  7. Asking for someone else . How many Ks on the clock and how much reg :)
  8. A touch under 9k on the clock (I like riding it)

    Rego runs out end of Feb.
  9. ^^^ thanks man will let the guy at work know Monday good luck
  10. Price update
  11. Deposit taken.
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