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[Sold] 2013 Ducati Monster 659

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by booerns, May 24, 2016.

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  1. Bike is a 2013 model. I am the second owner, still have all logbooks and service history and original owners manual.

    Reason for sale is that I have been given an opportunity to take 3 months off work before I start at a new business venture my boss is undertaking. I've decided to spend the three months travelling, but as it was very short notice and so I have decided to sell the Ducati and keep my supermoto for when I get back.

    Bike has been well looked after, about 13,000 of the kilometres have been put on by me, she's had 3 oil+filter changes in that time as well as the valve clearance and brakes flushed and re-bled.

    Bike was always been looked after the guys at Sydney City Motorcycles in Lane Cove. Tyres are Pirelli Rosso 2 front and rear. They were replaced at 13,932km; so only 4000km old, still plenty of tread wear left and are fantastic tyres with a lot of grip, especially in the wet! Front bikini fairing has also been replaced for a carbon fiber dash cover as I wasn't a huge fan of the original though I do still have the piece.

    The reason I am selling it so cheap is that the registration is up in 3 weeks (19/6), happy to provide pink slip depending on date of sale, I need money fast for my last minute holiday plans (touring the US by motorcycle), and she does have one very small scratch on the side near the air filter intake (Finished work to find her on her side and the handlebar was bent into the plastic, handlebars have since been replaced and there is just a scratch thats not very noticeable so I never bothered to replace the entire plastic - please see photos). Only other thing is the paint has a bit of wear and tear from being used daily for the last year and a half and being parked at a marina all day. Bike will also come with stock mirrors re-installed.

    I think the price pretty fairly represents the value. Whilst the paint is not in the best nick, the bike itself is mechanically sound and would have no issues passing an inspection. Despite this, I'm after a quick sale and would be happy to let it go for $7000 to a fellow NR member (market value is about $8000 - $9000). It is what it is, I'm not looking to rip anyone off and realise it would take a bit of money to get it back to concourse condition, however if you're not horrified by the less than concourse condition aesthetics, I think it's a bargain. My loss your gain!

    Happy to provide any more details or info or pictures upon request for anyone interested.


    26935991910_a9f8068398. 27142416881_0e96031f3a.
    27177362756_ac38517965. 27177361656_b0255cd9ce. 27211285735_0af167cf20. 27177357566_edcb04322d. 27211284305_e7471972a8. 27177357056_eabb055e26. 27177356646_84a1270d6e.
  2. Price dropped to $6500
  3. Bike is now sold! Thanks for looking
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