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[Sold] 2012 Suzuki SV650S LAMS

Discussion in 'Archived' started by olympicwiz, Sep 5, 2015.

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  1. #1 olympicwiz, Sep 5, 2015
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2015
    Regretful sale of a beautiful Suzuki Black SV650S LAMS bike as I have upgraded to a bigger bike.

    It is in a very good condition with a normal wear and tear little scuffs from everyday use. Was serviced regularly as per manufacturer specification.

    Just been serviced, oil and oil filter replaced, new premium brake pads installed for a better bite, fantastic Pirelli Angel GT tyres with plenty of kms left in them and very safe in the wet.

    It has low mileage of 15,700 kms on the clock.
    It is registered until April 2016 and has a lot of extras

    All documents, spare key and receipts are available for inspection.

    This bike is a learners lams version.

    To convert to a full unrestricted version, the ECU needs to be changed which is a relatively simple procedure with lots of info on the net.

    I will also include an unrestricted ECU so the bike can be upgraded upon getting a full license to an unrestricted SV650S Variant. I can fit one or the other depending on your needs but you get both ECUs

    This bike makes a fantastic learning bike with plenty of torque on low revs and very smooth thanks to a V-twin powerful engine. Makes a great commuter bike and a weekender with plenty of grunt.

    Since the purchase there were extras totaling around $2000 installed.

    Extras included

    M4 Slip-On Exhaust - Full Carbon Fibre (M4 Exhaust · High Performance Motorcycle Exhaust Systems - it makes an amazing muscular throaty sound that needs to be heard to be appreciated and makes a great companion to a V-Twin engine

    SV650 Tail tidy⁄fender eliminator

    DataDOT security⁄anit theft program registered

    Additional Gear Indicator installed

    Frame Sliders⁄Crash protectors installed for a greater confidence and safety

    EFX Lights X-Line (https:⁄⁄store.euroeffects.net) - see photos to illustrate

    Ventura rack system with a Ventura top box included. Various Ventura luggage bags can be fitted to this versatile system. Please google search Ventura for more info.

    5v⁄12v Auxiliary outlets for charging phones etc

    Bike Stand for servicing⁄lubing chain

    Bike Cover

    Have original Exhaust pipe and an original tail piece if needed.

    TomTom Rider dedicated motorcycle GPS is installed with the supplied RAMs fitting this is an extra if you want to have a GPS system - additional $300

    The bike is located for inspection in Sydney Eastern Suburbs and I can deliver/ride it to your place if you still learning.

    $6,500 ono

    Any questions please SMS me 0404 886 669 or PM me

    20150822_105042. 20150822_105055. 20150822_105103. 20150822_105115. 20150822_105130. 20150822_105139. 20150822_105257. 20150822_105509. 20150822_105725. 20150822_110540. 20150822_150649. bike1. my bike 18.
  2. sorry for bothering but where did you get the lights beneath the bike fixed. I want to have one put on my bike? and how much did it cost you?
  3. That's sounds like a lot of bike for the money. All the best with the sale.
  4. Hey, sorry the original link I supplied didn't work. You can get it on eBay

    10x Universal 60LED Motorcycle Lights Kit Neon Accent Million Color | eBay

    It is pretty cool - I have 6-7 colors just like the eBay listing there and they can fade in/out..flash or simply stay on. Not sure if it is legal to be honest. I was stopped by a police bike and I just told him that at night I want to make myself as visible as possible due to safety precautions.
    He let me off with a warning that I could potentially be fined in the future. So do it at your own risk.

    Thank you. I never thought I would part with it as I love it so much. Damn those impulse buying decisions!

    I also have a few spare levers - break, clutch and gear shifter that would be included with the bike.

  5. They should allow it bike, as it can make it more visible.. But thats another topic.
    Thanks. I will probably put one mine.. Good luck on selling the bike...
  6. The bike is SOLD now. Thanks guys. Was really sad to see it go.....
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