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[Sold] 2012 Suzuki DL650A V-Strom

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by dryfter, May 18, 2014.

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  1. For sale: 2012 Suzuki DL650A V-Strom

    Rego currently until Oct 2014, and also still under warranty until then!
    About 12500 km currently on the odometer, and recently had the 12000 km service.
    Has seen some dirt road riding, but no off-road use.
    Currently has Continental Trail Attack tyres fitted.
    GPR exhaust fitted. Sale will include original exhaust as well.
    Pannier racks fitted, and a couple of Ixion soft panniers will be included in the sale.

    A Givi top-box rack is also fitted, but I'm intending to remove it prior to sale in order to fit it to another bike -- however if you want it, you can buy it off me for the cost of a new one if you want to save time fitting one yourself.

    Bike is absolutely great.. I'm just looking to sell it, plus my other bike, to buy the new DL1000A V-Strom instead.

    Price: $7500

    DSCF4121. DSCF4122. DSCF4123. DSCF4124. DSCF4125. DSCF4127. DSCF4128. DSCF4129. DSCF4132.
  2. I'm tipping you'll have it sold within a week @dryfter@dryfter at that price!! Looks to be the cheapest asking price for a 2012 at the moment. Have you ridden the latest DL1000 yet? Also, how did you like the Conti Trail Attacks?

    Good luck with the sale too:)
  3. Thanks Ned!
    We'll see if anyone bites -- I suspect there's not so many people buying bikes over winter, but I figured I'd get it up here now and see what happens.
    I liked the Conti Trail Attacks; plenty of grip in the dry on tarmac, and they handled dirt and gravel roads well too. Grip in the pouring rain wasn't as good as some sportier tyres I've used in the past, but it wasn't bad.

    I haven't ridden the new DL1000 yet. By all accounts it's great though, so I'd rather wait until I have money in the bank before test riding it, in case I want to buy it straight away :)
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  4. Man did I do a shit load of 'DL650 vs DL1000' google research when I was looking for my bike. Shouldn't you wait to test ride the new one before getting rid of the old one? You might find you like the smoothness of the 650 over the power of the 1000 (just going by the many, many arguments I read, although this was all about the previous gen of the bike).

    Good luck with the sale though.
  5. May be not many looking for buying. I am badly in need of a good one like these. My bike is a total loss after crash so i will try this at some dealer on the weekend and if i like the vstroms over FZ6S i had i may be your man.
  6. #6 dryfter, May 19, 2014
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    Thanks Gurbachen.
    I did similar research around the time I picked up the 2012 DL650, and decided the 650 was definitely the better at the time. The revised 2014 DL1000 has a almost completely new engine and is supposed to be a lot smoother, much more low-down torque and better fuel economy.
    You make a good point though.. I do love the DL650 for how nice it is to ride around city streets, compared to the lumpy R1200 I also have. But I think most of that is due to the R1200's clutch and shaft drive. I'll definitely check out stop-go handling when I take a test ride of the thousand.

    I'm sorry to hear you lost your previous bike.
    What sort of things are you looking for in your next bike?
  7. I commute to work (30km one way mostly every day rain or shine) Love twistys,but have done 3-4 time since last Jan. Like to go on ride 2 up when time permits (wont be for another year or so). I like to keep it for long time too (so I planed with the last one). Your's suits just perfect, slightly more than what I was planing to spend,but don't mind spending if really like. See how we go.
  8. How did your test ride go?
    I didn't hear from you over the weekend, so I've listed the bike on commercial sites now too.
  9. Dealer i went to did not have v-storm, but ended up getting same bike as i had before (different colour Black 09 FZ6S was a bargain price)
  10. I've accepted a deposit on the bike, so will probably be sold within a week unless the buyer disappears. (Unlikely, he seems pretty keen!)
  11. Bike was sold last week for $7300; Closing thread.
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