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[Sold] 2012 KTM Duke 690

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Wrekitt, Jan 2, 2015.

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  1. $6500 ONO - well below market rates for similar ages so get close with any offers. ;-)

    The bike is brilliant and sadly it must go. I'm moving interstate in mid Jan and going back to uni for 4 years full time and won't be able to afford the current fleet of vehicles that my wife and I have accumulated (we also don't want to arrange transport to SA for it as we are already getting 2 bikes moved and driving the cars). Trying to get rid of it by the 15th of Jan. Any day up to and including Sunday 11 Jan I can deliver anywhere in the ACT Region and would consider a drop to Sydney if my price is met. If it doesn't sell before I go it will be put on consignment at Canberra Motorcycle Centre or sold to a dealer but I would prefer to sell it direct to save some hassle before/during the move.

    PM me for contact details if you are interested. I don't want to deal with any more telemarketers getting my number. I work nights but should respond within 6-12 hours to any PMs.

    It is a black KTM Duke 690 2012 and it is the new 2012 version with ABS and ride by wire not the old version that was replaced in 2012. It is pretty much the same as the current version as I think only minor bits have changed in the intervening years. It was ridden rain, hail and shine to and from work and uni and went on a few longer trips like the Snowy Ride.

    15,060km on it currently. I probably will be riding the wife's bike for the next few weeks so that number shouldn't go up too much.

    ACT Rego until June 2015
    Ride by wire - 3 throttle modes - Wet, Normal and "Direct"
    10,000 km service interval
    Top Box
    Engine bars
    KTM hand guards
    KTM hot grips
    KTM Mirror extenders
    KTM side stand base plate - brilliant for parking on gravel or dirt.
    Fully serviced on time (well before KM limits for the services)

    Comes with:
    ALDI transport stand
    Most of a 4L bottle of Motorex 10w60 oil
    A spare phillips extreme vision +100% bulb (it came in a box of 2)
    my gratitude to you for funding 6 months of the tuition fees for my course.

    Disclosure section:
    The bike went down with me in a low speed off. Hit what appeared to be a piece of glass on the way into a roundabout and down we went. The engine bar, hand guard, top box and rear pickup spool/slider took the damage which was purely cosmetic to those parts. The handlebar was slightly bent by the impact with the ground and it was replaced at the 2nd annual service in June 2014. The rear pickup spools were also replaced.
    The top box was also used as a shield to fend off an overly amorous young male Labrador while transiting the yard to the garage for 2 months while we took care of it for a mate so it has a few claw marks and scrapes across the top and side.
    The right tank panel also has a very shallow scrape on it from what I think was someone at uni with a taller bike and barkbusters in a "cozy" parking area.
    Pics of all this are below.

    Side view:



    Hand guard


    Engine bar
    Top box
    Right Tank Panel
  2. Nice timing,
    I'm looking for a new commuter. But I'm in Sydney and would need a blue slip.

    Also I might be retarded but I haven't figured out how to PM someone on these forums
  3. weetdixweetdix click on their name below their avatar a box opens then click "start conversation" = PM ;-)
  4. Sold to weetdix pending the meetup to exchange money and the bike.

    I will lock the thread once the sale is finalised.
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  5. Took delivery of the bike, just got back from the RTA with new plates :D
  6. Enjoying it? Bet you are!!!
  7. It's sweet but I haven't pushed it too hard yet still getting used to it. The riding position is quite different from my gsxr
  8. Heh heh yes quite different!
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