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[Sold] 2012 Hyosung GT250R

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Overture, Nov 29, 2013.

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  1. #1 Overture, Nov 29, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2014
    For Sale: My Fiancees Commuter bike, Hyosung GT250R 2012!

    Contact Info:
    Send me a PM for contact details.
    Location: Warranwood, Victoria 3134 (30mins from CBD via Eastlink!)

    $3700 For Netriders! :)

    The bike has been used these last 11 or so months primarily as a commuter either by myself or my now fiancee :)
    Always serviced early has full paperwork and log book.

    The bike comes RWC from the 6th of December.

    The Good parts!

    * Bikes Rego Runs out 12th of December 2014!
    * Brand New, Bridgestone Battlax BT-023 Tires. Less than 800kms Old!
    * Brand new Japanese D.I.D chain and sprockets.
    * EBC Double-H Sintered Front and Rear Brake Pads.
    * Also had its fork seals replaced with Japanese Aftermarket (1500kms ago)
    * Stompgrip Tank Grips
    * Screaming Demon Slip-on Exhaust.
    * Fender Eliminator and LED Smoke Indicators.
    * Puig Double Bubble Wind-shield - Dark Smoke/Black
    * 12v outlet with fuse under rear seat. Great for charging phones, GPS, etc.
    * Renthal Sports Bike Grips.
    * Battery Tender connection.
    * Fuel economy is amazing, I was getting approximately 500kms off a single 17ltr tank, always used Vortex 95 (Caltex) or 7-11 95 (Mobil).
    * Well maintained and rides like the day it was brought home, always cleaned and washed properly.

    All aftermarket parts are currently off the bike as it just went for RWC, but they are all included and can be installed.






    Thanks for reading!

    Updated Pictures:
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    Final sale offer. $3700 With RWC (Must transfer by/on 5/1/14 and obviously including 12 Months Rego.

    Updated Pictures:
  3. Price drop 3500 for a Netrider, firm.
    Needs to go before the weekend! D:
  4. Where have all the new riders who didn't know what to buy gone?
  5. I've got no idea lol. I've just lowered it on a well known bike trading site and now have got 4 texts! So hopefully it will be gone. But yeah, if I can't get it gone by Sunday then ill just can the rego and dealer it or fleabay. I'm relocating in 1 week!!!
  6. I'd get this bike, but I'm not in Vic... Sydney.. :(
  7. Maybe he will deliver? Or come down and pick it up then ride back.

    I'd deliver mine, good excuse for a ride.
  8. Thanks Zig, I've got someone coming to look at in tonight so hopefully shes gone!
    It has been a great little bike, no real issues and practically bulletproof.

    $374 Shipped to NSW Depot of your Choice.
    I don't know if you can cancel rego etc. or what you need but, again the RWC Expires Sunday!!! D:
  9. I would but selling my bike wouldn't get me enough when I go to get an R6 soon
  10. Haha... thanks mate...

    I went to check out a GS500F this arvo... disappointing.. horrid condition and and asking for more than you are for your bike... :(

    The search continues, but hope yours sells soon mate :)
  11. Well had one fail this evening, the guy wanted me to basically give him the bike.
    Low balled me at $2000 then didn't even have it with him.

    I had a KLX250SF that sold in 3 hours last year!! :<
  12. Insane man a perfect 12month L bike right here... I've shared it to FB for u
  13. Thanks mate, much appreciated! :D
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  14. Sold :D
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