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[Sold] 2012 CBR 250R

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by dima, Feb 19, 2013.

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  1. #1 dima, Feb 19, 2013
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2013
    Time to let it go. Feel free to make an offer!

    Price: $5400
    Bike: 2012 CBR 250R
    Colour: red-black
    Odo: almost 18000km
    Rego: 1F4NW
    Reg expiry: April 2014
    RWC: will be done before purchase or you can do it yourself.

    SMS 0449029220 if interested, or email me at dnagir@gmail.com

    Test riders are welcome.

    Can be inspected on workdays in South Melbourne, Mulgrave after hours or during Sat practice/Sun ride.

    The bike has been well maintained and is in good condition, is up to date on all servicing. However, the bike survived two crashes and a few drops. Has right frame slider bent when it did a good job protecting the rest in a drop. Unnoticable scratches on the rear right indicator.

    New Pirelli Rosso 2 tyres.

    No performance mods, but some are:
    - carbon front mud guard (stock included)
    - carbon tank cowl (stock inc)
    - carbon rear mudguard (stock inc)
    - tank protector
    - TechSpec grip pads
    - adjustable levers
    - yoshimura frame sliders (right is bent)
    - R&G fork protectors
    - some GoPro adhesive mounts :)

    also will include:
    - spare great looking red-black mirrors (one scratched a bit)
    - red-black grips that I don't have time to fit yet
    - a few spare parts

    The bike is still on a factory warranty. All service receipts and books available.

    Selling because I no longer enjoy it and want something more exciting.

    More - https://plus.google.com/116807208912177719748/posts/Nt5Xbz9hkac

    This is how it rides:
  2. 18000kms on the original tyres? Might explain your slide the other week.
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  3. Ha-ha. Yeah. And they will prob go another few thousands.
    I want to put rosso 2 soon, but will probably have to bump up the price a bit then.
  4. I'd change the tyres now. You might find it makes all the difference in the world and you like the bike again.
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  5. Yeah mate, I have the same bike, I put on Pirelli Sport Demon's, it changed the bike so much :)
  6. I will soon. Surely the bike will be much better :) Also depends if anyone will be interested buying it. Don't feel like I want to keep it anyway. But I will if I won't sell it. So I'll see how it goes.
  7. 18k on stock tyres- good on you. i would be happy to get 4k out of a set.
    well done for being honest about your crashes as well...

    good luck for the sale- but yeah get some more tyres- nobody wants to buy a bike with that much wear on the hoops.
  8. Sorry for off-topic but i've got nearlly 12.5k on my stockies...wondering if i should consider new ones soon? They look fine though
  9. They look alright even at 18k :)

    I'm putting Rosso 2 on right now.
    Pretty sure you won't regret replacing stocks.

    If they last 18k then the grip must be sacrificed for longevity. And a lot.

    So looking forward to see how the bike will transform :)
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  10. Hadn't considered that! First bike so really learning things as i go...being a car nut that one should have clicked with me though since i always run performance tyres on the car. Thanks for the info, i'll be keen to hear your thoughts on them afterwards and will keep an eye out on prices :)
  11. Come to Sat practice if you are in Vic. Surely I'll be able to tell the diff and giggle :)
  12. Okay. Updated the OP.

    First ride (commute to work) on Rosso 2.
    So much more grip. Can't even compare. The stock was all over the place (even when just crossing the white line).
    I think I start to understand what "sticky" means :)

    But also the steering has changed a lot. The bike steers unexpectedly quicker for me. I feel like it has distinct positions - upright, slight lean, more lean etc. So much more stable in the corners.
    Yet to wear the tyres in (during Sat practice and then hope to go off to hills).

    But so far getting a smile on my face riding it.
    Hope it won't take much time to get used to the new tyres.
  13. lol

    it probably falls in better cause the tyres aren't square!
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  14. I can't believe you lasted 18k on those crappy road winners. I changed mine at 10k even though they had plenty of life and were still round and I improved a good 50% instantly. I attribute 25% to it being a change from old-> new and the other 25% being from road winners -> pirellis. If I knew how big a diff they made I would of changed them at 5k.
  15. can you fit PR3's to CBr250's???

    We couldn't fit them on the VTR so went for Pilot Powers. Phenominal difference. from the VERY old BT45's that were on there. The 250 doesn't chew them up either so despite being soft single compound, they look like they'll last.
  16. Only the 150/70/17 (10mm wider rear) according to the web site.

    I wanted something dual compound. The old tyres were worn more in the centre of the tyre and a slight angle.

    So soft single compound wouldn't work so well for me (and for the potential buyer too :)). I would definitely chew centre quickly (I'm commuting every day on it).

    Thus Pirellies seem to be a good choice provided they do have the correct sizes too.
    Good investment whichever way I put it.
  17. we had to go 150/65 to fit the VTR. lower profile reduces your gearing ever so slightly so improves you accelleration.

    I THOUGHT the tyre would square out too... especially as we fitted it just before going to tassie. But it's looking alright after about 4-5000km. the same trip squared off my pirellis on the aprilia badly.... and before any smart ass says it's tassie and the corners should prevent squaring... it was also Gaby's first real ride aside from round the block a few times at st kilda and one trip along beach road to see if she was happy riding to the spirit.... so speeds were low and lean angles were pretty well non existant...
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  19. so you're definately selling then? and ready for a new bike? Have you worked out what you're getting?
  20. Yeah, still selling. Hope it won't happen in a week or two and I'll have plenty of time to ride on the new tyres :)

    In the meanwhile will be looking at ninja 300 or CBR 500R (should be available soon). Not decided yet, but there's not much choice really for what I want.
    Will try to test ride more bikes too. It should have ABS though.

    If the bike won't be sold for a reasonable price then I'll just keep it.

    If I'll sell it tomorrow (which I hope won't happen :)) then I'll pick a 300.

    That's the plan.
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